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So today one of my favorite tech blogs “Hack-A-Day” posted an article of a really cool hardware gaming mod from Nolan S, otherwise know as [Fibbef]. This mod took a Sega Dreamcast and put a screen and audio speakers in the controller using a USB cable and custom break out box for the A/V…wait…that sounds surprisingly familiar.

The mod is excellent, the quality and the effort speak for themselves with this one, but the coolest part is that it’s directly related one of my older projects that did the exact same thing. The SNES-001 Advance 2 was my 2nd attempt at off TV gaming which eventually lead to the creation of the Cross Plane. The Advance used a breakout box to split the signals to the TV and the controllers so up to 3 video sources could be mirrored at once.

It’s just a really cool feeling to have that people are genuinely interested enough in some of my work to try it out for themselves, improve upon it and make it their own. I’m just excited that it’s making a bit of an impact with other modder’s that are also getting noticed for their work.

Good Job Nolan!

Not sure why I didn’t think of this method before as its simplicity is only over shadowed by its brilliance! By simply painting the casing a different solid color from the base material and then engraving it, the effects really just “POP” out at you! Though this was slightly misaligned, the effects still came out acceptable and I’m quite happy to move on to the next stage with this. This is also the first time I’ve ever used Blue as a color and I’m quite pleased with the turnout.

It’s been nearly a month since this project has had anything done to it other than moving it from one place to another in my shop as I updated that. Now that that project is nearly complete, I decided it was testing time for the nearly completed controller.  All in all, I like very much how this came out utilizing my first attempts at homemade circuit boards and CNC machining.

Though I did have to make a few adjustments with the homemade controller board, as in ripping it out and putting the official SNES controller back into it, I still can’t complain much. I will be hopefully starting the second controller shortly and will make every attempt to get this finished before the holidays! This will be for sale too and there will still be a bit of time to get it out for Christmas so if you are looking for that special gift for the retro geek in your family, send me a message!

As for now, enjoy the video and check out the build logs on the MBB forums! More info there as always!

Though I agree this does in fact look quite like a chaotic mess of wires and breadboard, it hides the simplicity of the whole project very well. But for a project that’s already been done, there are many unique “firsts” for me this time around. This is the first time that I’ve ever used custom PCB’s in a project, much less boards I’ve cut myself. Along those lines this is the first project I’ve cut the vacuum mold out via CNC and made all the cuts and engraving via the same method. This is the first project I’ve ever used CAD programs on for that same reason. Also this is the first time I’ve ever tried to make my own controller using nothing but micro chips and resistors.

With so many firsts though, naturally come many unknowns. Where this will all end up is a mystery but I’m sure by keeping to the basic principles of process, I’ll be able to make this work the way I need it too. Anyway, just a quick update as to where I finished off for the weekend and where I’ll be picking up next week. Been a busy day today as far as traffic is concerned and I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to check out my work.

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A couple months ago I was approached by an eBay user via email who was interested in the original SNES-001 Advance I finished earlier in the year. Although I had sold it private sale after the bidding ended, he was interested in having me make another for him in time for Christmas. But, this deal appears to have fallen through, but I’d already got so far into it, I decided to keep going and I’ll throw it up on eBay when it’s complete.

This system though is going to be vastly superior to the other in almost every way as not only have the controllers been cut using my CNC machine, but the way the signals are being broken out to the controllers is greatly improved and requires no modding at all to the system. Also I’m using all custom cut PCB’s which really gives the original feel of the systems controller and is super strong as far as actual structural integrity is concerned.

But I’ve got many plans ahead for both this and my main project which I’ve been working on for about 3 months now. More on that as I get closer to actually developing it into a physical prototype. As for this project though, I’ve started up a build log over on MBB. Please feel free to give it a view for a bit more detail on the build and where it’s going. That’s all for now!

The SNES-001 Advance was a huge success! I’d like to thank all who took a look and helped tip off the main sites like Engadget, Hack-A-Day and PC World! All three of these major news sites ran some pretty good press about the unit and I’m quite happy with the end result! Though the unit is still on eBay and no bids as of yet, it still has a day and there have been over 1600 views on the page and that in it’s own right has been amazing! So I’ll keep you up to date with that as more info become available.

But, no good triumph comes without consequence. Over the past three weeks I’ve managed to loose my job of nearly 5 years and have had one of my dogs (a Boston Terrier) fall ill with an eye ulcer which ended up costing my wife and I a cool $2500 to fix…yeah, ouch and a “WTF!!!” kind of ouch. So needless to say, the penny pinching is now upon us as our savings have been drained and I won’t be bringing in the same cash as I used to. But with that said, I do have a new job lined up to start on the 16th of July. So I’ve got some free time in between, but still won’t be taking the vacations we thought we would be.

But enough of that, this is a modding blog, real life is for the day time! I’ve got a couple more projects going that hopefully will hopefully add to the list of completed mods shortly, including a GameBoy Advance mod and finally going to finish up my computer desk with a few major adjustments from what it was supposed to be initially. I’ll be making posts about these in the future, but of course, the work logs can be found over at

Again, I thank everyone who helped make the SNES-001 Advance such a success and we’ll see where these next projects go.