The Cross Plane

My most ambitious project probably ever, the Cross Plane was a handheld controller that bridged the system gap and allowed players to use their favorite gaming consoles and PC all on one system. Born of an idea brought on by the SNES-001 Advance, The Cross Plane took that concept and brought it to all modern day consoles and PC.

Though this failed as a KickStarter project, the idea and proof of concept was a success and could very well be a future project for a more refined and exciting gaming expereince.

From a technical standpoint, the Cross Plane is a WVI or Wireless Video Interface. What this means is that the CP is simply just a portable TV with a controller built into it. But, it was also a high-def portable TV that could play just about anything that had an HDMI output.

What made the system compatible with all devices was the “swappable controller paks” which held the “brain” of whatever system you wanted to play.

This gave the system the most versatility and reduced interference that would be caused by different brand systems trying to work on the same interface. It also allowed people to only have to buy the pak for the system(s) they wanted to use.

Again, a neat concept and something I’m sure with a bit more development and marketing could have been a big success.

  1. Brennan says:

    do you sell it?

  2. zeemo71 says:

    Please restart this project at least for maybe a commission? If you would, and if you decided to I would like xbox/pc.

  3. I really want that thing. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for years! If you restart the project, I’m the first one to invest.

  4. Avi Van Edwards says:

    So you need the console near you to actually use it?

  5. alex says:

    just restart it i look for that thing but I dont want to buy the wii u only for gamepad

  6. sakura says:

    can i get one of these enclosures for the crossplane? if possible? and how much would just the enclosure cost?

  7. Kaleb Gines says:

    When are you going to release it

  8. kaleb gines says:

    How much were going to sell the cross plane

  9. BRING IT BACK! I just discovered this thing today! This thing is absolutely genius!

  10. Jason Graves says:

    It’s very unfortunate that I only heard of this project today. Honestly, I think you have enough of an underground following to do a short run for this project. You’ve probably already thought this through, but I would sell the core system separately from the controller packs and perhaps set a target number of commit to buys to do a short manufacturing run. Say if “X” amount of people commit to buy at “Y” price then manufacture just to fill that order. Very similar to how MassDrop does it. That may be enough to get this project out and in the public eye as well as maybe fund some future endeavors. It’s such a great idea, I just hate to see it not come to fruition. Best of luck guys and great work regardless 🙂

  11. Raúl says:

    I know this project today. Why don’t you bring it back? I think that the main problem was that many people don’t know about this project. I will support for sure. I really like this project.

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