The GeneBoy

So after 4 weeks, this project has been put to bed! Fully functional, fully awesome! Though I admit, I beat the hell out of the finish when I put the components on the inside and closing it up was kind of ugly, I’m happy to say it’s over with and now I can start to move on to the next project. Haven’t decided yet what that will be, but it won’t be long before I start up a new one! Here is a video and some specs to view if you so desire.

Size: 1-7/8″ Thick x 4-3/4″ Wide x 6-1/2″ High
Weight: About 1.5lbs
Battery: 7.4V @ 4Amps
Screen: 3.5″ TFT Back-up Screen
Sound/Amp: 1 20mm Speaker & Mini iPod Amp
Power Switch: SPDT On/Off Rocker
Power Charge Port: Single Size M Charger Port
PS1 Controller D-pad
3rd Party Super Pad Controller Board & Buttons
Custom 3 Part Vacuum Formed Casing

Feel free to hit me up with a comment or just subscribe to the Blog or You Tube! Love to hear what you think!

  1. Jay Neilson says:

    It looks amazing!!! Where can I buy and how much? Reply to me on YouTube 🙂

  2. grey says:

    hey i am working on producing a portable genesis set up and was wondering how you did the power, i looked at the pics and didn’t understand, the console says 10 V and 0.3 amps but you used 7.2 V (i think) and 4 amps. I would like to know from a professional how much leniency there is on this, after all i don’t want to ruin my console ;).

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