My Projects That Made Waves!

Being a modder, half the fun of completing a project is getting the word out to the masses that it’s complete. Sometimes such projects end up on major tech news sites and can send traffic and views of your You Tube videos through the roof!

So, this page will be dedicated to those articles that are written and links to the major and/or unique articles will be listed per project. It’s not uncommon that once the project gets picked on one major news site, several other smaller sites will re-post the same article on their site through RSS feeds or so on. I don’t count those, unless the traffic from them is substantial. With that said, I count the unique articles written because they are different and fresh and fun to read, even if they aren’t that big.

So anyway, here is a list with links to all the sites my projects have gotten on that I was excited to see divided between projects.

The OUYA Porable

As far as You Tube is concerned, this was my most popular project. Didn’t realize it’s been over a year since then and I never posted it in my press location. This made several large sites as well and got me involved with the OUYA forum community.

Polygon Hack-A-Day

The Cross Plane

By far the most covered project I’ve done to date and also one of the most misunderstood, or so it seemed. It came back with such mixed results that it was very difficult to see which side was the clear winner. Though this KickStarter wasn’t funded, it was still one hell of a ride to get to that point!

Engadget, Joystiq, Hack-A-Day, Technabob, UberGizmo, US Gamer, Dvice, Nintendo Life, Gadget Review, The Verge, The Jace Hall Show, Polygon, Wii U Daily, PS3 Hax, Escapist Magazine


The GeneBoy Reloaded
TechHive           Geneboy Reloaded is the portable Sega Genesis you can actually buy
Sega Addicts     Play the GeneBoy Reloaded on your next school field trip

The Multi-Voltage, A/V Test Box

Hack-A-Day     Dual-channel, variable voltage test box is a busy console modder’s dream
News444          Testing of the test box so far successful
Hack-A-Day     HAD Links Post

The SNES-001 Advance
Engadget         SNES-001 Advance gives two retro gamers a screen to play, guarantees no fights for TV time        
Hack-A-Day   SNES-001 Advance puts displays in the controllers
PC World        Old SNES Meets New Wii U With This Hack
Slash Gear      SNES-001 Advance brings dual-controller mod to retro gamers
Side Mission  Creative Modder Turns SNES Into ‘SNES U’
Ubergizmo      SNES-001 does a Wii U
Element 14      Dual Handheld Super Nintendo System

The GeneBoy
Hack-A-Day   GeneBoy Is The portable Sega Genesis You’ve Always Wanted
PC World        Portable Sega Genesis Hack Floods You With Nostalgia
PC World        Five Ways to Hack Your Video Game Controllers Into Something Awesome

The Nimbus 64

Engadget       Nimbus 64: The Latest In A Long Line of Gorgeous Portable N64 Mods
NoWhere Else  Nimbus 64 Portable Beaut
Hack-A-Day  Nimbus: Portable N64
Destroctiod   Portable N64 Looks Like A Cloud
UberGizmo   Nimbus 64 N64 Portable Mod Looks Great
GameGuru    Nimbus 64 Latest Portable Nintendo 64 Mod
The Review Crew    Is That An N64 In Your Pocket?
Hack N Mod  Sleek  Portable N64 Case Mod

  1. Stephen says:

    How much would one of these go for, my good man? 🙂

    In reference to the SNES-001 Advance, as well as the Nimbus 64/Nimubs II.

  2. Travis Burns says:

    I was wondering if you are doing commissions. If you are please contact me at 15burns.travis@

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