Doom 3 BFG Edition & More

If you’re like me, than you were a happy man on October 16th, 2012 as Id Software re-released an enhanced and updated version of the shooter classic from 2004 Doom 3.

Of course I’ve been a Doom fanatic since its original release in 1993 as it wasn’t much earlier that I found out about Wolfenstein 3D and never looked back! There was just something about it that made you forget you were sitting behind a computer and hours would fly by like minutes. Whatever the reason though, I’ve done many things that defy logic when being confronted with a new Doom game release, including in 2004 buying a new $2000 dollar PC just so I could play it as well as buying the game 4 times because I thought it would get to me faster from another vendor…yeah…like I said, defy logic I did.

Anyway, I wanted to make this page a dedication to the franchise and also share a few things like cheats and helpful hacks for gamers who might be having an issue or two with the new game.

Here’s how it’s going to break down. I’ll be putting this in a PDF for download as well.

Doom 3 BFG Edition Run Down

Doom 3 BFG Performance Issues and Fix

Doom 3 Cheats and Cabinet Codes

Doom & Doom 2 Cheats

Doom 3 Run Down

Probably a game that was well ahead of its, Doom 3 became in my mind, the standard for all PC shooting games to follow.  Of course back in 2004, it was the most demanding game a PC had ever seen when it came to minimum requirements to play. Minimum settings I think required a 256MB graphics card, a P4 processor and at least 512Mb of RAM. Laughable 8 years later, but at the time this was only found in fairly high-end machines and limited the game play quite a bit for the average gamer. In fact the only other game that was hungrier than Doom 3 didn’t come until two years later with the release of the original Crysis. That game took some power!

But there was no denying that the realism that Id had created was the best that had been seen at the time, with the dynamic light effects and actual textured models made both environment and NPCs the most real anyone had ever seen on a PC platform. Not only that but it was the way the player’s interaction with the environment that gave it that extra real sensation. Long story short, the game was before its time and will always be burned into the memory of every Doom player there is.

Doom 3 BFG Performance Issues & Fix

Now of course, computers a fickle and will all run things a bit differently. My PC now though has the ability the play both Doom 3 and Crysis at the same time as the graphics card technology is much further ahead than it was in 2004. However, when I picked up my copy of Doom 3 BFG, I was amazed to find that even on the lowest settings possible and even with full screen off,  my FPS was only around 15 and slow slow slow! This of course was very irritating because I knew my PC had the ability to do more than this and I really didn’t think they would have optimized the game to the point that it took up a whole 1GB graphic card ability!

So I went to the Steam forums to find out if anyone else was having that issue and as it turns out, there were quite a few. It wasn’t until about October 23rd did someone find a fix for it. Apparently the issue stems from a hidden default setting which is accessible through the main settings menu and has something to do with postprocessing.

If you’re having lag issue with Doom 3 BFG, follow these steps. (This is not my fix, but a member on the Steam Forums so I take no credit for finding it)

  1. You first have to start up a game and get to a point where you can save.
  2. Save the game and exit.
  3. Go to your Steam Folder/Steam Apps/Common/Doom 3 BFG/base/default.cfg”
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the file and add these next two bits of code.
  5. // SPEED MODS
    rs_enable 0
  6. Save the file

Doing this worked wonders for me and now I can have full 1080p with 120 FPS, 4x Anti-Aliasing and vertical sync! I still can’t use the motion blur unless I drop the screen size but I’m still happy I can play this full speed now!

Doom 3 Cheats and Cabinet Codes

To enable these cheats, press Ctrl + Alt + ~(Tilde) and that will bring up the command menu.

System Codes: (changes in interface or back-end options)

pm_thirdperson 0   – 3rd Person Off
pm_thirdperson 1    – 3rd Person On
pm_crouchspeed ###   – Control Player Speed When Crouched
pm_runspeed ###         – Control Player Run Speed
pm_walkspeed ###       – Control Player Walk Speed
pm_noclipspeed ###    – Control Player NoClip Speed When NoClip Enabled
pm_jumpheight ###    – Control Player Jump Height
com-showfps 1                – Show CPU Framerate
freeze                                – Freeze All On Screen
benchmark                      – Game Benchmark
editor                                – Opens Map Editor
quit                                    – Quit Game
aviDemo                           – Save AVI Movie Demo of Game Play
com_allowconsole 1      – Only Have To Press ~ To Open Cheat Menu
noclip                               – Allow Walking Through Walls
g_showplayershadow 1 – See Shadow During Single Player
status                                 – Game Status
grfxinfo                             – Graphics Card Information

Game Enhancements:

give all                              – Give All Weapons, Full Ammo, Health and Armor
kill                                     – Commit Sucide
give pda                           – Gives All PDA/Discs for Current Level
give armor                      – Gives 125 Armor
god                                    – God Mod
notarget                          – Invisibility To Most Enemies

g_nightmare                 – Unlock Nightmare Mode
doomhell                        – Skip To Last Level

Weapon Cheats: (All cheats started with “give weapon_weaponnamehere)


Cabinet and Door Codes

Cabinet/Door#  –  Code

001   – 396
003  – 483
009 – 752
013 – 586
017 – 347
023 – 531
038 – 409
039 – 102
047 – 123
048 – 123
049 – 123
063 – 972
064 – 651
078 – 364
079 – 364
103 – 259
104 – 579
112 – 538
116 – 972
213 – 371
216 – 624
217 – 624
317 – 841
386 – 836
387 – 836
452 – 571
666 – 571
669 – 468
Marine HQ Armory – 584
Mike Abrams Office – 931
Plasma Room – 734
Air Lock – 826
Locker 21D – 298
Delta Storage Room – 725
Martian Buddy Lockers – 0508

I know I missed a couple but this get’s you a majority of them. I’ll also be adding cabinet codes for ROE and The Lost Levels as I play through the games.

Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom Cheat Codes

Just type these in at any given point in the game.

Effect                                                                                                                   Code

1st time: Show entire map, 2nd time: Show enemies                               IDDT (while looking at map)

All keys and weapons                                                                                      IDKFA

All weapons                                                                                                       IDFA

Allows no clippling (walk through walls)                                                   IDCLIP

Automap                                                                                                           IDBEHOLDa

Berserk pack                                                                                                    IDBEHOLDs

Display Location                                                                                             IDMYPOS

Displays your current position in X,Y coordinates.                                 IDMYPOS

Get a chainsaw                                                                                                IDCHOPPERS

God Mode                                                                                                        IDDQD

Light Amplification Goggles                                                                        IDBEHOLDl

Plays music from Episode #, Mission #                                                    IDMUS##

Radiation Suit                                                                                                IDBEHOLDr

Temp. Invisibility                                                                                         IDBEHOLDi

Temp. Invulnerability                                                                                 IDBEHOLDv

Warp to Episode #, Level #                                                                       IDCLEV##

Warp to Wolfenstein Levels (Doom II Only)                                        IDCLEV32

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