N64 Portable Kit Assembly Guide (Read First)



The Nintendo 64 (without a doubt the best home gaming console of the mid to late 90’s) has kept it’s hold on me throughout the years, despite having it’s 20th birthday this year. But, I’d say that for the better half of N64’s existence, people like me have been hacking the hell out of them, turning closet space fillers into new portable renditions of the TV based console. Though this may not be the most practical route for most who just want to “play” their retro games on the go, for creative minds who like a challenge, building a portable console is not only fun and rewarding, but it can open up a whole new world to those who want to push their skill sets further.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere and the N64 was my beginning into the console modding scene. So it seemed fitting that my first full blown “How To” console guide be centered around the N64, also, in a form I would have killed to have had back when I started, in an all-inclusive N64 Portable Kit! And not just any kit, as most attempts in the past were using off-the-shelf parts that had to be hacked or modified in some way to work, but a kit with custom components designed to be in a portable, fit into a custom designed casing for easy mounting and assembly. That combined with an in-depth guide on how it all goes together makes for the simplest solution for any beginner or advanced modder to create their own N64 Portable console.

WORD OF CAUTION: Though a big portion of the guess work is taken out of this with the kit, it is still a challenging project to complete if it’s your first time working with electronics. The guide assumes that you have a basic understanding of simple electronic circuits and terminology. If at any point you don’t understand a step, diagram or term, stop and do some research on it before continuing, especially if it involves questions with the batteries or power in general. I would recommend reading through this guide ahead of time to know what you’re going to be getting into and weigh in on if you think your skills are up to the task.

So alright then, here it is! The culmination of over 3 months worth of work to bring to you a step-by-step guide to assembling one of my N64 Portable Kits.

Part I – Getting Started & Tools Needed

  • Tool Over View & Consumables
  • Full Parts List of Kit Contents

Part II – Preparing The Components & Optional Case Work

  • Adhering The Case Halves
  • Filling, Sanding, Painting & Sealing (optional)
  • Preparing The Screen
  • Preparing The N64 Mother Board
  • Preparing The A,B & C-Buttons & PCB Tact Boards
  • Preparing The 3.3V Regulator & Breakout Board
  • Front and Back Face Assemblies

Part III – Power & Cart Slot Wiring

  • Wiring The Cart Slot
  • Wiring The Batteries
  • Connecting Batteries and Wall Power to The Main On/Off Switch
  • Wiring to The 3.3V Regulator and The N64 Motherboard

Part IV – Audio/Video Wiring

  • Wiring The Audio Amp to The N64 Mother Board
  • Wiring The Speakers to The Amp
  • Wiring The Screen to the N64 Mother Board
  • Wiring The Tact Board

Part V – Controller & Control Stick Wiring

  • Wiring RDC’s miNi64 V2.1 Controller Board
  • Wiring The PS3 Control Stick to RDC’s miNi64 V2.1
  • Wiring The Memory Card to RDC’s miNi64 V2.1 (optional)

Part VI – Final Testing & Closing Up

  • Testing Power, A/V, Controller and Checking All Connections
  • Reinforcing Solder Joints and Wire Connections
  • Adhering The Cart Cover
  • Closing Up and Play Testing