For some time now I’ve kept the primary means of contact through the comments of the WordPress site. This has worked well for awhile but with the increasing number of requests I’ve been getting for work I’ll make it a bit easier for people to get in touch.

Below are the primary ways of how I can be reached.


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My You Tube Channel

  1. Christian Hall says:

    Is there Anywhere I can buy these casings… Help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Julien says:

    Looking for a casing, sent you an email!

  3. Albert Portillo says:

    Hello I’m interested on purchasing a Game Cube portable or Nintendo 64 please contact me as soon as possible with information on how I can get my hands on one thank you.

  4. DarkFang47 says:

    Hello I have just seen the GameCube Wii U gamepad and was wondering how much for a complete version to where I just have to plug it in

  5. lakitu says:

    can you sell me a portable gamecube?

    • Downing says:

      Don’t have any to sell. Never even made one as a matter of fact. Not quite sure why people seem to think I have made them before

  6. witwolfyza says:

    Hi, I’m VERY INTERESTED in your cross plane concept. I think its BRILLIANT! Do you perhaps have a few laying around you wanna flog, or was the demand too low to ever start building them?

    Please let me know

    • Downing says:

      I don’t have any actually…it never got off the ground and the one that I took on has taken way longer than I was hoping for it to. Sorry

  7. Hi there,

    I am interested in commissioning a Nintendo 64 portable.

    I have spent months looking around and would like to ask you if you would be willing to create one for me?

    Let me know if you would like to or if you are too busy, could you recommend someone with as much skill as yourself?



  8. sakura says:

    hi downing i was ondering if you could do a comission for my boyfriend for the crossplane i saw that you made with both the pc xbox 360 and ps3 control packs? thank you

    • Downing says:

      Hey Sakura, unfortunately I’m not making any more of these. They were just too expensive and not developed enough for me to feel comfortable enough to make them on a commission basis. Sorry

  9. Saul Santana says:

    Downings! I am interested in one of your N64 model hand held & your NGameCube hand helds as well please feel free to email me any time thank you!!

  10. sakura says:

    ok then what about a playstation 2 portable? is that possible for comission?

  11. sakura says:

    ok umm well i was willing to pay 2.5k for a cross plane and additional 3k for a ps2 portable

  12. Normand says:

    How much would cost you to mod me a PS3 portable like in this video?

    Second would I get a discount if I mailed you my PS3 or do you have a policy of modding only New PS3’s bought for the project?

    • Downing says:

      Hey Normand. A PS3 that size is impossible I’m afraid. That video of Technott’s is much like my Cross Plane in that it is a WVI (Wireless Video Interface), not an actual portable console. What this means is he has a PS3 nearby and an HDMI transmitter/receiver plugged into the handheld and he is simply streaming the content to it.

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