Part IV – Audio/Video Wiring

  • Wiring The Audio Amp to The N64 Mother Board
N64 Kit - Audio Wiring copy

Omitted from the diagram was the explanation of the Up/Down outputs which are of course the volume controls. These need to be wired to the main tact board (diagram below). You could wire these to any of the 6 buttons you choose, but I prefer to keep the volume buttons paired and the screen controls grouped together.

  • Wiring The Speakers to The Amp

Similar to wiring the inputs to the amp, wiring the outputs to the speakers is the same process. As with the input and video, 28 AWG is recommended but 30 AWG will work. Some will claim that only shielded wire should be used for A/V signal and though shielded is the better practice, because there is such a short distance these wires need to run, there’ not a lot of interference generated to cause any noticeable issues.

  • Wiring The Screen to the N64 Mother Board

N64 Kit - Video Wiring

  • Wiring The Tact Board

Wiring the main tact board is a straight forward process for the most part. Now really, you are free to put these volume and screen controls in any configuration you choose, but this is what I use most of the time. You will notice though that there are 6 buttons and only 5 controls. This is done because some screens can come with a display on/off. These screens included with the kit don’t have that option, but the same layout is used in other projects.  As with the audio, we have to wire the screen to a board as well to get the Menu options to function properly.

N64 Kit - Tact Board wiring

In the past, the screen’s controls used to be part of the screens PCB, but now most of the 5″ screens all have an independent board for the tact switches. Unfortunately we need to keep this board in order to control the screens options like brightness/contrast, etc… Personally I like to remove the tact switches from the board, but it should still fit in the case with them still attached and all you have to do is wire a signal to each switch to the tact board and a ground lead from the board to the tact switches.

OEM Screen Tact