Downing’s N64p Standard Kit Parts List

***PLEASE NOTE – As is the rest of the guide, this list is a work-in-progress and is subject to change at any time. Please note that this is for reference only.***

This is a basic list of materials for the N64p Standard version of the Nintendo 64 Portable Kits. Please keep in mind parts are subject to vendor availability. Also understand that because this is simply what I used for the design, doesn’t mean something else won’t work in its place. This hobby is called modding for a reason and though this kit is a very helpful way to get moving, making your own adjustments or adding your own components and methods is half the fun.

So below is a list of parts that I’ve used and designed the whole project around. Again, a lot of these parts listed though were custom made or possibly superseded by a newer version of the kit and unless a full kit is bought outright, you’re going to have to improvise with alternative components to make work.

As of right now, all 3D printed parts and custom PCBs will need to be ordered directly though me, but main components like batteries and screens can be ordered through the vendors listed.

3D Printed Enclosure Kits – The main enclosure components. Assembly instructions can be found in PART II of the main guide. As of right now, these need to be sourced directly through me. STL files may be made available in the future.

However, The Legacy Version can be Downloaded Here! This is an older version of the enclosure and will have differences which are noted throughout.

Qty – Description – Part#

1 – Front Face Bracket – STDFFBV2
1 – Back Face Bracket – STDBFBV6
1 – Front Face Plate – STDFFPV3
1 – Back Face Plate – STDBFPV4
1 – Cart Cover – STDCCV3
8 – Mounting Tabs w/ #2-56 Square Nuts – STDMTHW
2 – Cart Slot Mounting Brackets w/ Mounting Hardware – STDCSMBHW

Power Kits (Old Version) – This is for Legacy and Beta kit cases only. Depending on which old version case you have, you’ll have to see if you need just a standard slide switch for the power or the big rocker switch. The new kits do not use either size, nor does it require a USB jack or multiple power inputs, so if you purchased a full kit, or had a new case printed for you after 9/1/2018, than skip this list and move on to the new version listed below. Please note this version is no longer supported and you will have to come up with a couple creative methods to make work.

Qty – Description – Part# – Link

2 – 3.7v 5000mAh Li/Po Battery Cells – PL-896474-2C – Battery
1 – 7.4v Battery Protection Circuit – PCB-S2A8 – Battery
1 – Smart Charger – CU-J235 – Battery
1 – 12V 3A Power Supply – Generic eBay – eBay
1 – DPDT Slide Switch (eBay) or DPDT Rocker Switch – 629-GRS4023A13 – Mouser
1 – USB Type A Jack – Generic eBay – eBay
1 – Custom 3.3V Power Regulator – Custom Assembly – Downing Only

Power Kits (New Version) – The updated version which has become standard now simplifies the powering process immensely. And though this version allows you to skip buying the battery smart charger and lets you only use a single jack for both wall power and battery charging, this requires the install of a custom PCB I have to provide.

Qty – Description – Part# – Link

2 – 3.7v 5000mAh Li/Po Battery Cells – PL-896474-2C – Battery
1 – 12V 3A Power Supply – Generic eBay – eBay
1 – SPST Rocker Switch – CH865-ND – Digikey
1 – 5.5MM x 2.1MM Panel Mount Jack – Generic eBay – eBay
1 – Custom Power Charger PCB Assembly – Custom Assembly – Downing Only
1 – Custom 3.3V Power Regulator – Custom Assembly – Downing Only

Tact Board PCB Kit – Each one of these PCBs were designed around the layout of the latest version of the casing included with the full kit. Again, since these are custom, they have to be ordered through me. However, these are more of a convenience than anything. Though they help with the overall quality and ease of assembly, the same results can be done using breadboard or 3D printed versions.


Qty – Description – Part# – Link

1 – B-A-C Tact Board – STDBACTACT – Downing Only
1 – D-Pad Tact Board – STDDPADTACT – Downing Only
1 – Screen/Volume Tact Board – STDSCREENTACT – Downing Only
1 – R/Z Tact Board – STDRZTACT – Downing Only
1 – L/Z Tact Board – STDLZTACT – Downing Only

Tact Switch Kit – These are good items to buy in bulk as they can be considerably cheaper that way and it’s always good to have extras. The soft-tacts that I use are technically know as “TL-9000”, but eBay has generic equals which work just fine. Stock up on them, it’s cheap enough insurance if something get’s screwed up and are good to have around the shop/work area anyway.

Qty – Description – Part# – Link

45 – Soft Tact Switches – eBay
6 – 5mm Hard Press Tact Switches
1 – 5mm Hard Press Tact Switch Red

SLA 3D Printed Decal/Button Kit – Again, all these parts were designed to fit specifically with the latest version of the casing. Now SLA 3D Printing for those who do not know, is a very precise, very clean and amazing form of 3D printing that adds a huge level of detail and precision to any project. Hence the reason all the main buttons and surface details use this method. It is not a cheap method however and it is not a fast method. This is why this kit is only available directly through me.

4 – C-Buttons
1 – B-Button
1 – A-Button
1 – D-Pad
1- L-Button
1 – R-Button
2 – Z-Button
1 – C-Button Cover
2 – Speaker Covers
1 – N64 Logo
1 – Downing Branding Tag

5″ Screen Kit – This is the exact screen that is used in the standard design. Though cheaper options are out there, this screens quality is amazing and has both Composite and VGA input options which make it ideal for more advanced modders. It also has a very low overall profile which makes fitting it into the case a lot easier.

1 – “5”” 4:3 Ratio 640×480 Composite Display w/ Driver Board – ZJ050NA-08C – eBay

Hardware Packet Kit – Another set of items that is wise to stock up on and Micro is the place to do it! To make your search a bit easier, FHMS stands for Flat Head Machine Screw and PPHMS stands for Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw, and PPHSMS stands for Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw.

#2-56 x 1/4″ FHMS Black
#2-56 x 3/16″ FHMS Black
#2-56 Square Nuts
#2-56 Hex Nuts
#2-56 x 1/2″ PPHMS
#2 x 3/16″ PPHSMS
#0 x 3/16″ PPHSMS

Audio Kits – The speakers listed here are designed both to fit in the Speaker Cover SLA part and are also the Ohm rating for the custom audio amp included with the kit. If you decide to supply your own amp and make your own speaker cover solution, you can skip this part.

2 – 28mm 32 ohm Speakers – AS02832MR-2-R – Mouser
1 – Custom Audio Amp w/Connector – STDsmALLMPV2 – Downing Only

Control Stick Assemblies – By default, this is made to work with the custom N64 controller board that is included with the kit. It consists of an aftermarket PS3 control pot and cap and has a custom PCB. Because of this, this custom part can only be sourced through me.

1 – Custom Control Stick Assembly – Custom PCB Assembly – Downing Only

Copper Heat Sink Kits – Basic RAM copper heat sinks. Using these I’ve never had a problem with overheating which is why these kits don’t utilize a fan.

12 – .5″ x .5″ x .25″ Copper Heat Sinks – Generic eBay – eBay

Again, this list is not 100% complete yet, but is a good start wanted to piece your own version together! More updates will be made soon enough.