Perfect Portable Casing Guide

OK! So the culmination of over 6 months of work have come into being! Aside from a few text and word errors that I’m sure I missed, my first guide is complete and ready for viewing! This is all about the area of casing making, from concept to design. Though it is more theory rather than step-by-step instruction, I feel this could be of great benefit to all who read it regardless of skill level. I have it broken down into 9 parts, though some were short enough to combine together. If you want to download the entire guide (42 or 43 pages I believe) just right click on the cover and you should be good to go! Hope this is as helpful as I’m hoping it will be!

Sorry this is based in PDF’s, but the guide was over 40 pages long and I didn’t have the ability in WordPress to make a page for each one. But the downloads are small and don’t take long plus you should be able to view it right in your browser anyway. But just click the pic to view or download the whole thing. Thanks!

*UPDATE 09-20-2011* Version 1.2 of the Case Making Guide has been posted! This just cleaned up a few text and grammar errors. More are in there I’m sure, but this is an ongoing project that will have many revisions.

The Guide to the Perfect Portable Case
Right Click Image to Download Full PDF!

   Intro & Part I – Welcome and Overview

   Part II & III – Planning and Materials

   Part IV – Building Your Set-Up

   Part V – Making Your Mold

   Part VI – Preparing The Plastics & Vacuum Forming Process

   Part VII & VIII – FrankenCasing

   Part IX & Conclusion – Painting & Clear Coating

  1. Ron P. says:

    This is very cool of you to put together for us. Thanks so much!

  2. Loco says:

    How must I meet the 2 halfs?

  3. Loco says:

    Also, some people I know said that Styrene would be great for vaccum forming, is that true?

    • Downing says:

      Yup, it is. In the states it’s call HIS or HIPS which stands for High Impact Styrene or Polystyrene and in Europe/UK they call it Plasticard. Either way it works quite well.

  4. Ubaubae says:

    How to make the two half meet up smoothly?

  5. Ubaubae says:

    Please, give me an answer

    • Downing says:

      It’s all in the guide. Part VI, Page 10. I know there is a lot of information and words in there, but that’s what makes the guide decent. It’s got all the bases covered.

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