Computer & Retro Gaming Desk

A passion project for the past 6 months or so, the computer desk came to mind from seeing some very well done mods like this on Hack N’ Mod. I figured that since I already had the desk and computer, I could start what would soon turn into my biggest mod ever.

Though I have a feeling this will never be complete in the sense of having everything the way I originally envisioned, the bulk and the concept has been proven.

Where it stands right now is that my computer, SNES, NES, PS2, X-Box and sound system are all functional through the control box and the VGA converter so I can play all these systems through my computer monitor. The control box has my Line 6 Tone Port 2 wired and working in a custom face plate, so I can plug my guitars and mics directly into my computer for recording or VOIP applications.

The control box also houses the main on/off for the LED’s and fans that are built into the desk as well so if the fan’s LED’s get too annoying or not needed, I can turn them off without turning off the computer. The main power is coming off of the computer’s power supply so when I turn the PC off, the lights and fans go off as well. This control box is also the home of the Touch Screen fan controller that allows for control over each individual fan. This helps with noise reduction.

Three LED rocker switches power the SNES, NES and my front door security camera which also goes through the VGA converter when the switch is pushed.

5 small Play Station controller buttons control the options on the VGA controller, like widescreen and resolution and input select.

A big game cube A button pushes the headphone switch which controls whether the audio signal goes to the PC speakers or to my PA system which is connected via a Behringer 4 channel mixer.

I’ll be adding more pictures later, but this is a late “Current Projects” update and hopefully will be put in the completed section sooner than later!

  1. George says:

    I want to build that panel

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