Home Projects

Aside from being in the basement most of the time, I do find myself in need of doing home projects from time to time. And with a 150 year old house, there is no shortage of those projects to do. Some are simple like painting kitchen cabinets, others are a bit more complex like the new ceiling and recessed lighting. But, they were all projects that I’ve started and completed and man do they make a difference!

So, with that said, here is a small list of house projects. More will be updated as I go, but for now, enjoy some before and afters! For now here are some links to the photo albums for each project!

The New Living Room Ceiling Project

The New Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Project

The New Deck Rail Project


  1. Drakon says:

    Good to see I’m not the only person who’s useful around the house as well as around consoles (and generally anything).

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