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Once again, it’s time to sell off one of my prized creations. The PS2 Advance Controller was kind of a side project that just started to snowball into something that became on of the most fun projects I’ve done.  Using a couple pre-made enclosures from two AG-85 cases from Poly Case, a custom DS2 PCB made by RDC and a lot of CNC work, this came out better than was really intended.

First off, please note. This is a controller, not a full portable system, which means that to use this you must have a PS2 and A/V cable. The A/V cable then plugs into the Breakout Box shown above. The rest will be supplied.

-The PS2 Advance Controller
* 4.3″ TFT Display, 25mm Stereo speakers, Custom PS2miniDS2 controller board, dual analog control sticks
-The Original Cross Plane BOB
-Custom USB Cable for A/V Hook-up
-12V AC Adapter for the BOB.

Asking $250 +Shipping & Insurance

I offer a full 30 day warranty from date of shipment against any defects or issues that arise from a craftsmanship standpoint. Basically if it breaks because I screwed something up than I’ll fix it for free, minus the shipping charge. If however it is a part that fails (which really they shouldn’t) or if it’s after the 30 day mark, we can discuss new terms of repair depending on the situation.

Please feel free to contact me via this site, email, you tube or any of the forums if you’re interested! Thanks and here is a video below to showcase it a bit more.


So for the fun of it, I decided to enter the Hack A Day Trinket contest. Basically they want to see the most creative and fun way their logo can be slapped on something so I figured why not engrave it into the back of my latest project? The PlayStation 2 Advance has now been permanently branded with my favorite blogs likeness.  There are 20 winners and a cool prize (an Adafruit 5v Trinket Micro Controller) for all 20. So we shall see if they like my efforts!

This is just the beginning of a new project of mine while I have a little bit of down time before I head to GA. I figured I’d go back to my roots with this one as portable Nintendo 64s were what got me into the original hobby anyway. But, now that I can use Solid Works, my CNC Machine and have access to a 3D printer, I can set out to make the portable gaming console I’ve always wanted!

As I said before, this is just a side project and will get done as I have time but for now, here are a couple more pics of the renders so far.


I will be making more updates on my other projects in the future, especially when I’m in GA working on the secret project. It’s not going to stay secret for much longer so keep it tuned here all next week as updates will be made exclusively over here!

Word seems to have gotten out about the work I’ve been doing for other modders and in the last week alone I’ve taken on over 5 new case jobs for 3 different modders doing console commissions for other people as well. Now this doesn’t sound like a lot but compared to previous numbers of 1 or 2 jobs a month, 5 in a week is quite the increase.

The job above is a simple case cut from a Poly Case SL-68 for MBB forum member [Gman] who runs a small operation known a [Gman Modz]. He’s been doing some pretty impressive work as of late and I’m glad to be helping him out with some of his projects. This one was a run of 3 cases, all cut the same and are for Portable Nintendo 64’s. Given the size of these cases, it will be quite impressive to see these completed.

That said, I am also in the process of doing a full vacuumed-formed custom Portable Game Cube casing which will have a surprising similarity to another console on the market today. Stay tuned for that one!

Finished off a nice little commission from our old pal Shock Slayer. He sent me the .dxf files for a design he worked on and I turned it into a machinable file. This came out quite well with the exception of the back slats where on the last couple of cuts, the clamp I had holding the case down failed and that screwed up a couple of the slats before I could fix it.  More pics can be seen HERE.

Anyway, overall I think it looks pretty decent and I’ll be doing a couple more for him in the near future!

In other news, I’ve got some pretty big things I’ve been working on with fellow MBB member RDC. The guy is circuit board genius and his help has proven to be what I think will make these ideas of mine take shape. More to come on that later once we get closer a working prototype or two.

Not sure why I didn’t think of this method before as its simplicity is only over shadowed by its brilliance! By simply painting the casing a different solid color from the base material and then engraving it, the effects really just “POP” out at you! Though this was slightly misaligned, the effects still came out acceptable and I’m quite happy to move on to the next stage with this. This is also the first time I’ve ever used Blue as a color and I’m quite pleased with the turnout.