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This is just the beginning of a new project of mine while I have a little bit of down time before I head to GA. I figured I’d go back to my roots with this one as portable Nintendo 64s were what got me into the original hobby anyway. But, now that I can use Solid Works, my CNC Machine and have access to a 3D printer, I can set out to make the portable gaming console I’ve always wanted!

As I said before, this is just a side project and will get done as I have time but for now, here are a couple more pics of the renders so far.


I will be making more updates on my other projects in the future, especially when I’m in GA working on the secret project. It’s not going to stay secret for much longer so keep it tuned here all next week as updates will be made exclusively over here!

Still up for grabs people! This is the only one of its kind and is a great bargain! I’d still like $225 for it but if you have a reasonable offer, I’ll gladly give it consideration. Please let me know, all proceeds go to help make me less poor…it’s a sad story. hehehe.

Well, it’s official! I’m venturing into the world of CNC milling and CAD. I suppose this isn’t much of a stretch considering where I am now in my modding career, but it’s still a pretty big step for me.

On Thursday, August 30th I bit the proverbial bullet and pushed the “Buy It Now” button and got my first CNC Router enroute from California. This is a very small, very basic unit which runs via PC software (Mach3). I’d been on the fence with it for quite awhile as starting out is always a very penny-pinching practice, but there is no question that if I were to move forward with this endeavor, I was going to need one and get good at using it quickly.

I spent close to 4 hours with MBB forum user Electro Modder from the UK  via video chat on Thursday and he gave me the basic run down on the design and conversion software. For being so young he certainly knows his stuff to a more advanced level than would be expected, but I suppose that’s what happens when you’re not chasing women yet. haha. Technically I’m in the same boat now too really, being married and all, so I think I’ll catch up pretty quick!

Anyway, back on topic.

After getting home on Saturday afternoon, I spent the evening (2:30 to 11:30) tearing apart my workshop as I needed to make a bench sturdy enough to hold the machine as well as house the XP computer I had hiding in my closet.  This made some very nice improvements to the shop as well as adding an entirely new workstation where the paint cabinet used to be.  I’ll post some new pics of the shop once the CNC Mill gets here (hopefully Thursday) next week.

But anyway, I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do to get ready for it’s arrival. Posts may be a bit further in between than normal because of this, but fear not, it’s just building for the next post which will have a lot of cool advances to read about!

With that said though, I’m actively taking commissions for work now, weather it be a portable, a case, a controller or something electronically related! Hit me up if you’ve got an idea you want to throw my way!

Though I finished this off a week or so ago, I finally got around to making a video of it. It’s really just a quick demo to show how the addition of variable regulators, volt meters and an LED tester make this unit a very handy one indeed. I hope to be putting this to work before too long with some future projects.

Not much else can be said that hasn’t already been said in the previous video, but here is a pic of the working unit as well as links to the Made-by-Bacteria forum work log. Stay tuned for some even more exciting projects!

As my 3 week vacation is quickly coming to an end, the modding time has intensified. Spending close to 5 hours straight in my basement today alone, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m either obsessed the extraordinary, or bored with the ordinary, can’t figure out which…

Anyway, that really doesn’t matter.

In a combined effort from yesterday and today, I completed several tasks that have made the controller almost ready for testing. This was quite a post over on the MBB forums so for the fine details and more photos, I’ll again send you in that direction. But a quick list of what was completed since Friday;

  1. Vacuum-Formed the back half of the controller
  2. Cut slots for N64 Memory Card holder and VGA cable out which will be used to connect the controller to the systems.
  3. Mounted and wired N64 Controller
  4. Completed mounting of all controller buttons
  5. Added header junction for the controller’s interface
  6. Wired the D-pad and Start/Select buttons to the header.

Still lots to do but this project is drawing close to completion after nearly a year and a half in the making. More updates of course when I get more done.

Now there is something very satisfying to see an idea come around into some form of physical manifestation, even if it’s only in appearance. Show above is the painted up/mocked up version of my new controller that will take the job of playing all three of Nintendo’s early generation systems.

This controller will be able to play the NES, SNES and N64 games all from one unit. Using a parallel printer cable and connections, this will automatically flip to the unit that is powered on. The three holes you see in the center there are LED holders and house an LED that will illuminate depending on which unit is on.

It’s got a long way to go yet, but it will be getting there soon and then I can finally put this project to bed! Lots of changes over the year, but will certainly be worth it! As always, have a look at the WorkLog on the MBB Forums to get up to speed!.