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Probably the only thing cooler than actually building a portable gaming system is when you show off your creation playing somebody elses, and then having them be very excited to see it in action! Such is what happened when I took a picture of Extend Interactive’s new game “So Many Me” on my portable OUYA and released it on Twitter! It’s very flattering to see such a positive response to this project and is constantly inspiring me to strive to make something better.


As for the game developers of So Many Me, they liked it so much they then wanted to see if I could do a short video of the game in action. So I kinda just threw this together quickly as I’m no game reviewer or anything of that nature, but they made a great game and I’m still having a great time with it and love helping those who create further their reach in anyway way possible!

Again, great work guys and I deeply appreciate the positive response this has gotten!


Though admittedly, the week before last I really had no clue who or what the Jace Hall Show was, I found myself in a unique position to be interviewed by one of the staff writers about the meet-up last week. So, of course doing my home work, I found out that Jace Hall is actually a pretty heavy hitter and get’s to do some skits/shows with some pretty big celebrities!

But in any case, if you click the image up top and you’ll be taken to the article. It’s been one hell of a week, both full of personal success and horrible tragedies to the country as a whole and it does put a lot of this into perspective.

So, hope you enjoy and there will be some other announcements in the near future regarding my latest projects! Have a good day!

I’ve never found it difficult to convey exactly how an experience has affected me before. It’s almost always the same key elements that are quite easy to describe in a manner of just a few words. The events of the last few days however have left me in awe and really have opened my eyes to the potential that so many like minds have to offer. So much that I can’t describe exactly what I got out of it other than I have been enlightened to a variety of new experiences that were just plain awesome!

On top of that, the bonds that have been made with just a few days of real life contact are one of the most valuable experiences to leave with and I think we’re all going to be holding on to that for a very long time now and I can’t wait to see where this leads us all in the future!

So, over the next few days, I’ll be making some posts of the accomplishments that were made while we were all together. We’ll all be posting either finished or in-progress threads on the forums and I’ll be doing a short write-up of each one after they get posted on their respective sites.

Some new big things coming up soon as well, including a glimpse of my secret project that I’ve been working on for over 8 months now! Stay tuned for some exciting news shortly!

Case #2 for [Gman] is almost done. Unlike the last case, this one was done up from scratch. Though I love vacuum forming and making these from nothing more than a block of wood, the whole process is a great deal more time consuming. With that said, this is probably one of the best vacuum formed casings I’ve made to date and I’m quite proud with not only the form but the quality of the cuts and general layout.

Most will notice right away that this resembles the [Wii U] controller. That was the point, however now a Game Cube portable is going to be stuffed into it! And I say stuffed because apparently the commissioner is going to be putting the whole original disc drive into it as opposed to the now standard [WiiKey Fusion] mod chips that allow people to play ROMs of their games via SD card. But it should be interesting to see the progress on in the near future!

Got a few more jobs to finish up and then in the next couple of weeks the meet-up so things are about to get crazy busy! Loving every second of it though and can’t wait!


That’s right! On April 11th, an unprecedented meeting of some of the best modders in the country will be happening, right here, in Downing’s Basement! The culmination of over 7 months worth of planning is all actually happening and if you told me a year ago I’d have this kind of company in my house/workshop, I wouldn’t have believed it!

Let’s put this into perspective a bit. There are 6 people coming to this event from April 11th to the 15th. I live in the capital city of New Hampshire. The guest list brings people from the states of PA, CT, SC, GA and CA! Yes, I’ve pretty much got the entire Eastern seaboard headed north and one from as far west as you can go, Hollywood California. Can you see what I’m starting to get excited?!

The only thing that makes the fact these guys are traveling so far for this is “who” is traveling so far for this. Those who follow console modding at all know that there are a few out there who rise above in most cases and those few are the ones making the trip. Here’s a quick list.

From NY, we have Beta and Aux, two students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Aux is also a Moderator on the Mod Retro forums and Beta is in line for potential work opportunities at Oculus, the new virtual reality headset that has taken the nation by storm. I look forward to their knowledge and meeting them in person.

From PA, The Game Cube Master himself, Ashen. He went to a meet-up in TN a year ago and we got a good chance to see what he’s made of. His work on Game Cube innovation has been amazing.

From GA, the very man that got me into this hobby to begin with, none other than the maker of the Darth64 and dozens of other amazing mod, Hailrazer! Yeah, I know right! Look him up if you don’t know!

From CA, making the longest trip and is also a Moderator on the Mod Retro Forums, Tchay! Tchay is the maker of the Envision which was another amazing portable Game Cube and has since become a hot seller of his.

And last but not least, from SC, the legendary old pal, Shock Slayer! If you don’t know who his is, it won’t take long to figure it out. Former Admin of the Mod Retro forums and now running his own site, SS is probably one of the most notorious modders in the hobby.

So anyway, we’ll have more update for you soon enough but you can see that I’m quite excited and for good reason. We’ll be doing a live stream of the even on Friday the 12th, so we’ll get you more info on where and when that will be happening! All in all, I’m very excited for this! Stay tuned for more!

Word seems to have gotten out about the work I’ve been doing for other modders and in the last week alone I’ve taken on over 5 new case jobs for 3 different modders doing console commissions for other people as well. Now this doesn’t sound like a lot but compared to previous numbers of 1 or 2 jobs a month, 5 in a week is quite the increase.

The job above is a simple case cut from a Poly Case SL-68 for MBB forum member [Gman] who runs a small operation known a [Gman Modz]. He’s been doing some pretty impressive work as of late and I’m glad to be helping him out with some of his projects. This one was a run of 3 cases, all cut the same and are for Portable Nintendo 64’s. Given the size of these cases, it will be quite impressive to see these completed.

That said, I am also in the process of doing a full vacuumed-formed custom Portable Game Cube casing which will have a surprising similarity to another console on the market today. Stay tuned for that one!