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Not more than a day and a half into our KickStarter campaign and we’re lighting up the tech blogs and creating a bit of a buzz about this! We’re up over $11,000 and are pacing for our goal, but it’s going to be an uphill battle before too long as the praise is almostĀ  out matched by the hate. haha.

But with any project such as this, going on a scale such as this, we knew this was going to be a reality. But, press is press, good or bad and this is what we need to get the word out there.

So anyway, if you haven’t checked out the KickStarter, be sure to do so at the pic below and I’ve also added the links to some of the major tech blogs and what they have to say about it.



Though admittedly, the week before last I really had no clue who or what the Jace Hall Show was, I found myself in a unique position to be interviewed by one of the staff writers about the meet-up last week. So, of course doing my home work, I found out that Jace Hall is actually a pretty heavy hitter and get’s to do some skits/shows with some pretty big celebrities!

But in any case, if you click the image up top and you’ll be taken to the article. It’s been one hell of a week, both full of personal success and horrible tragedies to the country as a whole and it does put a lot of this into perspective.

So, hope you enjoy and there will be some other announcements in the near future regarding my latest projects! Have a good day!