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So for the fun of it, I decided to enter the Hack A Day Trinket contest. Basically they want to see the most creative and fun way their logo can be slapped on something so I figured why not engrave it into the back of my latest project? The PlayStation 2 Advance has now been permanently branded with my favorite blogs likeness.  There are 20 winners and a cool prize (an Adafruit 5v Trinket Micro Controller) for all 20. So we shall see if they like my efforts!

Case #2 for [Gman] is almost done. Unlike the last case, this one was done up from scratch. Though I love vacuum forming and making these from nothing more than a block of wood, the whole process is a great deal more time consuming. With that said, this is probably one of the best vacuum formed casings I’ve made to date and I’m quite proud with not only the form but the quality of the cuts and general layout.

Most will notice right away that this resembles the [Wii U] controller. That was the point, however now a Game Cube portable is going to be stuffed into it! And I say stuffed because apparently the commissioner is going to be putting the whole original disc drive into it as opposed to the now standard [WiiKey Fusion] mod chips that allow people to play ROMs of their games via SD card. But it should be interesting to see the progress on in the near future!

Got a few more jobs to finish up and then in the next couple of weeks the meet-up so things are about to get crazy busy! Loving every second of it though and can’t wait!

Made quite a bit of progress over the past few days. Though I ran into a nasty snag yesterday trying to get the PC to even turn on. Turned out the On/Off header that the power button connected to was color coded incorrectly. So instead of hooking up the switch, I was plugging in the LED instead which just shorted out the power supply!

So after 2.5hrs of screwing around with that, I was able to start making some real progress. With that said, the list of accomplishments go as follows:

  • PS1 screen mounted, wired and tested. Composite for now.
  • All buttons, LEDs and Spindle control installed.
  • Face plate rough mounted.
  • All wires extended and plugged in.
  • ATI X1300 128MB graphics card installed.

A full update and pics can be seen on MBB as always.

Progress still needing to be made:

  • Finish wiring up the CNC Controller to the face plate
  • Cut plastic panels and mount back hardware (i.e. spindle and stepper motor jacks)
  • Prime and paint the main box
  • Label buttons and add decals

I’m hoping by the end of Saturday I’ll have much more complete, at least to the point I can get my router running again as I have a few jobs that I need to get started on, including another case for a ShockSlayer commission. If you didn’t see his previous video of the last case I sent him, have a look. Quite comical in its approach and not the format I was expecting, but fun to watch regardless!



Finished off a nice little commission from our old pal Shock Slayer. He sent me the .dxf files for a design he worked on and I turned it into a machinable file. This came out quite well with the exception of the back slats where on the last couple of cuts, the clamp I had holding the case down failed and that screwed up a couple of the slats before I could fix it.  More pics can be seen HERE.

Anyway, overall I think it looks pretty decent and I’ll be doing a couple more for him in the near future!

In other news, I’ve got some pretty big things I’ve been working on with fellow MBB member RDC. The guy is circuit board genius and his help has proven to be what I think will make these ideas of mine take shape. More to come on that later once we get closer a working prototype or two.

Through time and patience can come many rewards. After spending over 6 hours yesterday getting my CAD drawing done up correctly, today I both had a successful test and actual circuit board engraved. This has helped to bolster the confidence in my new found capabilities and my tiny little router is holding it’s own!

Now with that said, I still need to invest in a bit more tooling for it as most of these round circles need to have a hole drilled into the center of them for the actual project, however I do not have the proper bits to do so yet. I have found some nice 1/8th in carbide drill sets that will do the job nicely as they go from .03mm up to .2mm which will cover the range I need to drill this micro holes accurately.

But have a view of the video below to see this in action. Updates will be sparse for the next couple of weeks as my part time jobs are pretending to be full time, but that’s ok because I’m in need of the income! But at nights there is still plenty of design work to do and I will remain quite busy.

So, talk with you soon and if you have any questions or find a need for these types of services, please let me know. I’m taking on jobs as they come so I’ll gladly make time for yours!

In a time span of less than a week, my knowledge of CNC work has grown over 100% and I still don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface. As you can see by the video, I did my first test cut on a vacuum-formed casing. The results were nothing less than perfect in terms of how the machine performed. I had a few errors in my design which resulted in the cutting of right buttons twice making them far too big, but that was not the machines fault.

This was cut in about a 6 or 7 minute span and would have been only 5 had I had my drawing done correctly. But the cuts and the placement came out beautifully! This really is an exciting step for me as it gives me the confidence that I can take my work to the next level. Time alone will tell how far this goes, but I have to say that I’m more excited by today’s results than I’ve been with anything for awhile! (Modding wise of course).

I’ll have more projects coming up shortly (like today) that further shows the capabilities of this machine, software and user! Stay tuned!