CNC Control Box Update

Posted: 02/15/2013 in Current Project
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Made quite a bit of progress over the past few days. Though I ran into a nasty snag yesterday trying to get the PC to even turn on. Turned out the On/Off header that the power button connected to was color coded incorrectly. So instead of hooking up the switch, I was plugging in the LED instead which just shorted out the power supply!

So after 2.5hrs of screwing around with that, I was able to start making some real progress. With that said, the list of accomplishments go as follows:

  • PS1 screen mounted, wired and tested. Composite for now.
  • All buttons, LEDs and Spindle control installed.
  • Face plate rough mounted.
  • All wires extended and plugged in.
  • ATI X1300 128MB graphics card installed.

A full update and pics can be seen on MBB as always.

Progress still needing to be made:

  • Finish wiring up the CNC Controller to the face plate
  • Cut plastic panels and mount back hardware (i.e. spindle and stepper motor jacks)
  • Prime and paint the main box
  • Label buttons and add decals

I’m hoping by the end of Saturday I’ll have much more complete, at least to the point I can get my router running again as I have a few jobs that I need to get started on, including another case for a ShockSlayer commission. If you didn’t see his previous video of the last case I sent him, have a look. Quite comical in its approach and not the format I was expecting, but fun to watch regardless!



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