CNC Control Box: Small side project to distract me from my snow shovel

Posted: 02/09/2013 in Current Project, General News
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I know for the past few months I’ve been pretty quiet all around with posting anywhere on the net. But as most of you know, I’ve been working on a fairly massive project for the past 6 or 7 months. Because of this though, I needed a bit of a break from it and decided to do an old fashioned “off the cuff” hack that will help spruce up my CNC set-up a bit.

What you’re looking at is a CNC Control Box that houses not only the CNC controller but also the PC that runs the software for it. The idea here was to save a bit of space in my shop and make a more centralized control center all around. The siding, base and top are made out of MDF which is something I’ve never used until recently. It’s got its pros and cons but I love it’s milling properties and how flat/sturdy it is. I don’t like how well it holds screws though and it splits quite easily if not pre-drilled. Anyway though, we’ll see how well it holds up. I mounted all the components to the MDF using Pine spacers, super glue and screws. Everything holds in quite nicely.

As always, there are more progress pics and more details over on MBB, but once complete this will also include a 5″ PS1 screen, a numeric key pad and keyboard mount. Now I’m just waiting on a few parts to come in.

Continuing on this this morning was the plan, and then of course I wake up to this.


25 to 30″ of snow all piled up in a drive way with no where to put it! My dog Dakota was standing in a low spot that we had cleared away last night and it was still up to her shoulders! So that took us a good 2 hours worth of shoveling to get the cars out so the snow blower could get in and clear the driveway for us. Fortunately everything is cleared now and I can get back to work. I don’t really care much for winter anymore, but it comes with the territory I guess. Anyway, I’ll have more updates in the next day or so and we’ll see how this turns out.

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