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Hey Everyone! Sorry it’s been such a long time between posts. I’ve been up to my ears in projects as well as finally getting a new job that I should hopefully start at the end of the month!

Anyway, here’s just a quick example of what I’ve been up to, still plucking away at this Cross Plane commission I took on for an enthusiastic KickStarter backer that really just had to have one of these! It’s flattering and I do appreciate the gesture, but man these things are a lot of work! hehe. Not that I’m complaining as this is by far the prettiest work I’ve done to date as I’ve been able to utilize a lot of the skills I learned about 3D printing, CNC machining, case finishing and wireless/HDMI technology. But again, this particular unit is trying to be better in every way to the prototype and in doing so, has made changes that have needed to be tested and troubleshot.

HDMI is a sensitive little bitch that will cause headaches for the simplest reasons. However, these headaches will be totally worth it once the final product is functional.

Still, have quite a bit of work to do on this, the next process being the most time consuming part, the control paks. However, RDC helped me out with these last month so we can actually utilize them the way they were intended to be used back when we did the first prototype, and not the hack job we ended up with.

In any case, I’ll try to be a bit more on top of the postings, as well as looking into maybe bringing on another writer to Downing’s Basement Blog so the down time won’t be so boring and you can have something to read more than once a month! But anyway, I’ll be making more updates soon and hope you have a happy holiday next week!

On the heels of the Cross Plane KickStarter, I’ve been hard at work on a couple of side projects that of course have been taking up a lot of the down time that I’ve currently had while waiting for a few new job opportunities to come through.

The Nimbus III

My first portable N64 since 2011’s Nimbus II portable. This one is nice because it takes a lot of the design and 3D printing knowledge I received from doing the Cross Plane project. The casing is all 3D printed, complete with screw holes in the back and the face was CNC’d to compensate of the somewhat irregular holes the 3D printer can make. What’s unique about this build as well is that it will have the option for a wireless Audio/Video transmission to the TV.  The back half of the casing just came in today so in the next couple of weeks I’ll start the painting and assembly process of the main unit.

Pictured below is the receiver unit for the N64 as well as the three play plug in so up to 4 players can be playing off the portable at any given time. Two USB ports on the bottom of the Nimbus allow for a quick connection to the receiver unit if multi-player is wanted.  There is a work log on MBB started for this for more info.

The AG-85 PlayStation 2 A/V Controller

This was a side project to my side project as I had to wait a fair bit of time for the back half of the N64. But no worries, this was just as fun. This is essentially the same thing as my SNES-001 Advance II that I built last year, only of course, for PlayStation 2 and One. This is fully wired and connects to the same breakout box that the original Cross Plane (Cross Plane Retro) used. This is about 90% complete and I ran into some issue yesterday while testing so I’m not sure exactly when this is going to be finished. But all this was made up of parts I already had lying around. The only thing I had to buy were the speakers. Again though, this has been a fun project and I hope I can get it working before too long! Again, a build log for more info!

The Cross Plane: A One-Off Commission

That’s right, one more Cross Plane is being built at the moment for a customer who really really wanted one! This is going to be a far superior to our prototypes as I’ve made adjustments to both the casing and location of the HDMI receiver as well as to the internal circuit boards and just general location of things.  It should be pretty cool to find out just “how” superior to the prototype it will be but just tackling some of the key issues of the CP’s first run, I think this is going to be leaps above the first version.

Right now I’m just waiting for parts to roll in and will be making a post on MBB for an actual work log. I think people will love to see what goes into making one of these and since we aren’t going to produce it, might as well show it off!

So stay tuned, there will be more to come in the future here very shortly and I’ll keep you updated as frequently as I can!

I know for the past few months I’ve been pretty quiet all around with posting anywhere on the net. But as most of you know, I’ve been working on a fairly massive project for the past 6 or 7 months. Because of this though, I needed a bit of a break from it and decided to do an old fashioned “off the cuff” hack that will help spruce up my CNC set-up a bit.

What you’re looking at is a CNC Control Box that houses not only the CNC controller but also the PC that runs the software for it. The idea here was to save a bit of space in my shop and make a more centralized control center all around. The siding, base and top are made out of MDF which is something I’ve never used until recently. It’s got its pros and cons but I love it’s milling properties and how flat/sturdy it is. I don’t like how well it holds screws though and it splits quite easily if not pre-drilled. Anyway though, we’ll see how well it holds up. I mounted all the components to the MDF using Pine spacers, super glue and screws. Everything holds in quite nicely.

As always, there are more progress pics and more details over on MBB, but once complete this will also include a 5″ PS1 screen, a numeric key pad and keyboard mount. Now I’m just waiting on a few parts to come in.

Continuing on this this morning was the plan, and then of course I wake up to this.


25 to 30″ of snow all piled up in a drive way with no where to put it! My dog Dakota was standing in a low spot that we had cleared away last night and it was still up to her shoulders! So that took us a good 2 hours worth of shoveling to get the cars out so the snow blower could get in and clear the driveway for us. Fortunately everything is cleared now and I can get back to work. I don’t really care much for winter anymore, but it comes with the territory I guess. Anyway, I’ll have more updates in the next day or so and we’ll see how this turns out.

So after a few weeks with no posts here, an update for the Genesis portable has come, worthy of posting.

On top of hitting a couple snags which is quite common, I hurt my back lifting an old TV and have been unable to really mod at all because of it. Now that I’m on the mend, I was back to picking up where I left off, even though I left off on a problem.

To make things short and sweet, I couldn’t get the screen to work. After messing with my batteries which I was still scared about after shooting 8.4V up my arm, I hooked everything up to my power switch, hit the button and nothing…

Power was going everywhere it was supposed to, but no image on the screen. So of course I think I fried the damn thing, but it was rated for 12 volts and I only put 8.4 through it. After a bit of thinking and asking on the forums, of course the solution was right under my nose. The Video out line was not grounded. Though I thought didn’t need it because the screens power line was grounded to the Genesis board and there was only one ground coming from the screen, I thought they all shared. Not true. After taking the screens A/V cable apart, I noticed that each RCA input had one signal and one ground and all the grounds met at one junction box midway down the cable and that’s where they merged the ground wires into one.

Simple version, I needed another ground wire and once that was in place, BINGO! First try and the system, screen and game all fired up! Which means I’m good to go with wiring up the audio and controls and with any luck I’ll have this done by this weekend!

I’m actually quite happy with the quality of this screen for it being only composite input, so I’m gonna run with it and not try to RGB mod this. It’s getting close and I’m getting excited!