Cross Plane Commission Update

Posted: 12/21/2013 in Current Project, General News
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Hey Everyone! Sorry it’s been such a long time between posts. I’ve been up to my ears in projects as well as finally getting a new job that I should hopefully start at the end of the month!

Anyway, here’s just a quick example of what I’ve been up to, still plucking away at this Cross Plane commission I took on for an enthusiastic KickStarter backer that really just had to have one of these! It’s flattering and I do appreciate the gesture, but man these things are a lot of work! hehe. Not that I’m complaining as this is by far the prettiest work I’ve done to date as I’ve been able to utilize a lot of the skills I learned about 3D printing, CNC machining, case finishing and wireless/HDMI technology. But again, this particular unit is trying to be better in every way to the prototype and in doing so, has made changes that have needed to be tested and troubleshot.

HDMI is a sensitive little bitch that will cause headaches for the simplest reasons. However, these headaches will be totally worth it once the final product is functional.

Still, have quite a bit of work to do on this, the next process being the most time consuming part, the control paks. However, RDC helped me out with these last month so we can actually utilize them the way they were intended to be used back when we did the first prototype, and not the hack job we ended up with.

In any case, I’ll try to be a bit more on top of the postings, as well as looking into maybe bringing on another writer to Downing’s Basement Blog so the down time won’t be so boring and you can have something to read more than once a month! But anyway, I’ll be making more updates soon and hope you have a happy holiday next week!

  1. Isaac G says:

    Where Can I buy

  2. Jark says:

    Can you make a portable gamecube based with Raspberry Pi 3?

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