Case #2 for Gman

Posted: 03/22/2013 in General News
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Case #2 for [Gman] is almost done. Unlike the last case, this one was done up from scratch. Though I love vacuum forming and making these from nothing more than a block of wood, the whole process is a great deal more time consuming. With that said, this is probably one of the best vacuum formed casings I’ve made to date and I’m quite proud with not only the form but the quality of the cuts and general layout.

Most will notice right away that this resembles the [Wii U] controller. That was the point, however now a Game Cube portable is going to be stuffed into it! And I say stuffed because apparently the commissioner is going to be putting the whole original disc drive into it as opposed to the now standard [WiiKey Fusion] mod chips that allow people to play ROMs of their games via SD card. But it should be interesting to see the progress on in the near future!

Got a few more jobs to finish up and then in the next couple of weeks the meet-up so things are about to get crazy busy! Loving every second of it though and can’t wait!

  1. Spiicyice says:

    Love it! Have you finished the back yet? I’m definitely going to order one once I start on my GCp.

  2. Downing says:

    Yes, the back was the same as the front but with no holes cut out of it. Came out pretty well but [gman] has since told me that the “B” button contacts the screen edge so anyone using the same sized screen will have to take that into account with the design. I can simply move the “B” down and over to the right a bit, no issue but I’ll do that when the time comes.

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