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A couple months ago I was approached by an eBay user via email who was interested in the original SNES-001 Advance I finished earlier in the year. Although I had sold it private sale after the bidding ended, he was interested in having me make another for him in time for Christmas. But, this deal appears to have fallen through, but I’d already got so far into it, I decided to keep going and I’ll throw it up on eBay when it’s complete.

This system though is going to be vastly superior to the other in almost every way as not only have the controllers been cut using my CNC machine, but the way the signals are being broken out to the controllers is greatly improved and requires no modding at all to the system. Also I’m using all custom cut PCB’s which really gives the original feel of the systems controller and is super strong as far as actual structural integrity is concerned.

But I’ve got many plans ahead for both this and my main project which I’ve been working on for about 3 months now. More on that as I get closer to actually developing it into a physical prototype. As for this project though, I’ve started up a build log over on MBB. Please feel free to give it a view for a bit more detail on the build and where it’s going. That’s all for now!

Just shy of 12 weeks in the making, the SNES-001 Advance is complete and ready to find it’s new home! This has been one of the most fun projects that I’ve completed, mainly because it was a concept that solved an over 20 year old problem. Though of course these days, playing consoles this old on a TV via original hardware is a rarity, but I think back to the times I was 11 or 12 years old and always having to fight for TV time because someone else with more influence than I had was using it! So enter the SNES-001 Advance, which has two custom controllers that allow for up to two players sharing the same point of view in the palm of their hands!

This was a rather simple mod by design and theory, but took a great deal of time to get correct. Honestly the wiring was the easiest part of this, but getting the controllers to function correctly via the tact switches or the D-pad was the most frustrating part of the whole build! But these issue were over come, leaving a solid and fun system to play with. The wooden, LED encasement of the system I think adds a nice touch as a collectors item, combining rustic with a modern flair which I guess pretty much sums up the reason for a lot of console based mods.

This will also be for sale on eBay and when I have that up and listed, I’ll make another post! Should be interesting to see where this goes!

But as always, check out the video below as well as the links to the forums for more info on the build! Thanks for watching!

Made By Bacteria Work Log Link

And Here is the Link to Ebay! Happy Bidding!  Current Starting Bid of $499.99


So this is going to be a new concept which as I get going a bit more, you’ll see where I’m headed with it. But so far I’ve got phase 1 of 3 complete.

As you’ll notice in the pic below, this NTSC Super Nintendo has been customized a bit. Not only is the paint job pretty nice, but you’ll notice there are two additional controller ports below the originals. And no, they aren’t for adding players 3 and 4. What you don’t see is how they are wired on the inside, which as I said, I will be getting to that shortly. Going to try and make some more progress today with this so I can reveal a bit more as to what this mystery is. I promise you though, it will be unique!