New Project! The SNES-001 Advanced

Posted: 03/25/2012 in Current Project, General News
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So this is going to be a new concept which as I get going a bit more, you’ll see where I’m headed with it. But so far I’ve got phase 1 of 3 complete.

As you’ll notice in the pic below, this NTSC Super Nintendo has been customized a bit. Not only is the paint job pretty nice, but you’ll notice there are two additional controller ports below the originals. And no, they aren’t for adding players 3 and 4. What you don’t see is how they are wired on the inside, which as I said, I will be getting to that shortly. Going to try and make some more progress today with this so I can reveal a bit more as to what this mystery is. I promise you though, it will be unique!

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