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The better part of a year and a half ago I created my third portable Nintendo 64 called “The Nimbus II”. This was probably my best work I’d ever done and the least heard about project I’d ever completed. The previous N64p “The Nimbus 64” remains my heaviest hitter when it came to popular interest. However that was long ago and alas, even it’s half sized kin is still just sitting on the shelf.

With that said, I’ve found myself in a rather unique situation that’s allowed me to pursue these skill sets that I’ve acquired over the years to be put to practical use. However, cash is always an obstacle that needs to be over come.

The goal here is to get about a grand ($1000 USD) saved up to purchase a table top CNC router/engraver, the likes of which 16-year-old UK modding prodigy [Electro Modder] uses in his workshop. With this I’ll be able to do the prototyping and small run production that will be required to fuel my progress. On top of having this in house, I’ll also be hopefully finishing up my new vacuum forming machine that in combination with the CNC capabilities will really push me in the right direction.

So, here’s the deal. Parts alone in this unit are worth about $250 (the Li-Po batteries and PS1 Screen make up almost half that). That’s all I’m looking to recoup as it’s going to be used to get me the equipment I need to continue. The charger is not included but I’ll provide a link to the one that’s needed.

Also to help fuel this along, I’ll be re-casing my Geneboy portable and be putting that up for sale as well. I’ll only be asking $200 for that (or B.O.) So that should give me at least a good start on the router. I’ll also be taking any case commission that comes my way so if you need a custom casing done up for your next project, please send me the details!

But at any rate, here are some more pics of the Nimbus II. Please let me know if you’re interested!


*UPDATE* This unit has been sold and is on it’s way to Florida! Thanks StarKiller!

Though I finished this off a week or so ago, I finally got around to making a video of it. It’s really just a quick demo to show how the addition of variable regulators, volt meters and an LED tester make this unit a very handy one indeed. I hope to be putting this to work before too long with some future projects.

Not much else can be said that hasn’t already been said in the previous video, but here is a pic of the working unit as well as links to the Made-by-Bacteria forum work log. Stay tuned for some even more exciting projects!

How befitting it is that the sacrificed encasement for this project comes from an abandoned product called ColorMorphics?! Though this was simply an unnecessary add-on to the unit while waiting for my regulators to arrive, I figured this would be a nice touch. Though the third LED from the right is still giving me trouble, you can see that all are in place and all are wired up. However, I did make a mistake that I didn’t notice until after I had all the LED’s in place. I wired up all Green LED’s, not Red! I know, the pic above shows blue, that was intentional as that’s not a voltage line, it’s the A/V power line and was supposed to be that way. But man was I surprised (and quite frankly temporarily blinded) when the bright green light came emitting from the unit to my retina! So, it’s a lot brighter than I was anticipating, but that’s really alright and I’m not redoing it at this point.

So after the regulators arrive and I can get those wired up correctly I’ll be able to start the testing of the test box and then back to my desk. Oh, and the pic up top also shows the far left switch being turned on but no light. I didn’t have both power supplies in plugged in so the pic below shows that in working order. More details soon!

Now there is something very satisfying to see an idea come around into some form of physical manifestation, even if it’s only in appearance. Show above is the painted up/mocked up version of my new controller that will take the job of playing all three of Nintendo’s early generation systems.

This controller will be able to play the NES, SNES and N64 games all from one unit. Using a parallel printer cable and connections, this will automatically flip to the unit that is powered on. The three holes you see in the center there are LED holders and house an LED that will illuminate depending on which unit is on.

It’s got a long way to go yet, but it will be getting there soon and then I can finally put this project to bed! Lots of changes over the year, but will certainly be worth it! As always, have a look at the WorkLog on the MBB Forums to get up to speed!.

Just shy of 12 weeks in the making, the SNES-001 Advance is complete and ready to find it’s new home! This has been one of the most fun projects that I’ve completed, mainly because it was a concept that solved an over 20 year old problem. Though of course these days, playing consoles this old on a TV via original hardware is a rarity, but I think back to the times I was 11 or 12 years old and always having to fight for TV time because someone else with more influence than I had was using it! So enter the SNES-001 Advance, which has two custom controllers that allow for up to two players sharing the same point of view in the palm of their hands!

This was a rather simple mod by design and theory, but took a great deal of time to get correct. Honestly the wiring was the easiest part of this, but getting the controllers to function correctly via the tact switches or the D-pad was the most frustrating part of the whole build! But these issue were over come, leaving a solid and fun system to play with. The wooden, LED encasement of the system I think adds a nice touch as a collectors item, combining rustic with a modern flair which I guess pretty much sums up the reason for a lot of console based mods.

This will also be for sale on eBay and when I have that up and listed, I’ll make another post! Should be interesting to see where this goes!

But as always, check out the video below as well as the links to the forums for more info on the build! Thanks for watching!

Made By Bacteria Work Log Link

And Here is the Link to Ebay! Happy Bidding!  Current Starting Bid of $499.99


So after some fun tuning up my skills with Adobe PhotoShop and experimenting with a Krylon based Decal paper, I got the first trial of decal prints done on the second controller for the SNES-001 Advance. This controller in it’s layout alone is far ahead of it’s older brother and really will be a much more usable and aesthetically pleasing than its counter part.

On top of this, I now have all the external components mounted. I also adjusted the input plugs/jacks of the A/V and power cables, making the A/V a 3.5mm jack & plug and the power a 3/32″ jack & plug. This was done because even though you are easily able to tell which plug is stereo/mono, it was damn near impossible to tell which jack was stereo/mono creating a potential disaster if they got swapped by accident. So now each plug only fits in the proper jack and I will make this adjustment on the other controller as well.

As for the decals, I’m most likely going to edit the button decal because I’m not 100% happy with the letter placement as I just kind of guessed at it to begin with. But now that I have a point of reference, I should be able to put them in their proper place. I’ll hopefully be getting more done tomorrow though it’s still supposed to be a beautiful day and I love the sun! But we’ll see and I’ll update when they become available! Cheers!