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So far I have to say that I’m quite pleased that this worked on the first shot and didn’t turn my evening into a lesson on fire safety! In terms of the audio/video, everything worked exactly like it was meant to, a trend I intend to keep up once the regulators arrive in the mail.  Though of course I did once again wire the audio tact switches backwards…so down is up and up is down…and on the SNES-001 Advance I had the left switch as volume up and the right a volume down…I’ll get that right one day.

But as you see, I’ve made a quick demo video of the test and how it works, so please have a look! More info with more progress. Hopefully I’ll have this complete within the week and then I can start the testing of my controller for the computer desk. Until then, just wait!

How befitting it is that the sacrificed encasement for this project comes from an abandoned product called ColorMorphics?! Though this was simply an unnecessary add-on to the unit while waiting for my regulators to arrive, I figured this would be a nice touch. Though the third LED from the right is still giving me trouble, you can see that all are in place and all are wired up. However, I did make a mistake that I didn’t notice until after I had all the LED’s in place. I wired up all Green LED’s, not Red! I know, the pic above shows blue, that was intentional as that’s not a voltage line, it’s the A/V power line and was supposed to be that way. But man was I surprised (and quite frankly temporarily blinded) when the bright green light came emitting from the unit to my retina! So, it’s a lot brighter than I was anticipating, but that’s really alright and I’m not redoing it at this point.

So after the regulators arrive and I can get those wired up correctly I’ll be able to start the testing of the test box and then back to my desk. Oh, and the pic up top also shows the far left switch being turned on but no light. I didn’t have both power supplies in plugged in so the pic below shows that in working order. More details soon!

Word has started to get out a bit about the case making work that I do and I received two case commissions to do in a week and more are in the works! Below are the two I’m working on now.  The first is for a modder out in sunny California by the user name of CptDemos. A larger but neat design, the idea was to make the case look as much like a Sega Dreamcast controller as possible. Of course I couldn’t get it perfect because I wasn’t sure of the internal dimensions he needed to work with so I had to leave as much open space as possible which restricted the depth of the cuts. But he’s happy with where it’s at right now and have to go ahead to finish the mold and vac-form it.


The next is for previous customer Evil (neil) Nod for a commission he’s doing for a Sega Megadrive portable. Again, Neil is based over in Derbyshire, UK so this will be the 3rd casing I’ve done for over seas. This is a very very basic mold, 4 edges, 4 corners although I still have to round them. It will make for a quick form though and this one should be on it’s way early this week!