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Other than the occasional doctors appointments, I made today a strict modding day that I took full advantage of.  Though regrettably it wasn’t as productive as I would have liked due to fighting with one part of the project for more time than it was worth. But, hopefully all is well now and within the week I should have a working controller to get this project functional. I’ll leave the details on the forums, but above is the extent of my accomplishments of the day. Hopefully soon you’ll see some action on the screen! Take that however you want!

Just got done with the pivotal test as to whether or not my idea of having a controller with built in video was going to work like I’d hoped. And it did! I’ve got the video signal line wired to the control ports I added to the base system, going to the SNES controller connector, through about 6 feet of shielded Play Station controller cable and into the screen!

Very happy that this worked as now I can start to build my first controller and get it functional. I’ll have most of tomorrow morning off so I’ll be using this time to get that rolling and hopefully have some more updates here shortly!

So this is going to be a new concept which as I get going a bit more, you’ll see where I’m headed with it. But so far I’ve got phase 1 of 3 complete.

As you’ll notice in the pic below, this NTSC Super Nintendo has been customized a bit. Not only is the paint job pretty nice, but you’ll notice there are two additional controller ports below the originals. And no, they aren’t for adding players 3 and 4. What you don’t see is how they are wired on the inside, which as I said, I will be getting to that shortly. Going to try and make some more progress today with this so I can reveal a bit more as to what this mystery is. I promise you though, it will be unique!