MGC 2022 & An Awesome Shout-Out From C4ETech!

Posted: 04/17/2022 in Uncategorized

The Midwest Gaming Classic. What an amazing experience this was the first time I went, which was back in 2018. And since that time, there seems to have been road block after road block to keep me from going back. But provided the piolets don’t quit and the nukes don’t fly within the next two weeks, I’ll finally be making it back!

Most don’t know that back in 2020, I was going to make my return to MGC as 2019 I had to miss due to my younger brother getting married. Little did we know that a few months later, the world would freaking stop. This turned out to be a pretty large bummer though because not only was I going to be returning to MGC, but I’d spent months preparing for an actual Panel about the history of portable console making and the goddamned rug was pulled right out from underneath me with the cancellation of the convention.

And what a freaking mess that followed and continues to unfold even today.

But if all goes well, not only will I finally be making it back to MGC this year, but the panel that seemed like it would be lost is finally scheduled to happen!

And not only will I be presenting on Saturday, 4/30 @ 4PM, but for the time before and after, I’ll have a seat at the BitBuilt Experience table along side friends and fellow modders like GMAN, Shank and CrashBash! So needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to that weekend!

Immediately following my panel, Ben Heck will be taking the stage with perhaps a continuation of the topic! So there should be some pretty interesting stuff happening on the Bonus Stage in that time frame!

The other thing that happened earlier this month was an awesome video posted by You Tuber C4ETech, who I had let borrow my G-Boy Wii Stoned for a test review. This process actually started almost 2 years ago as when he reached out to me, the portable wasn’t even finished yet!

After I completed it and finished my video on it, I sent it on it’s long journey to Dubai, where it stayed for nearly 6 months! But that was fine with me, because his videos about it did me some very nice favors with my You Tube Subscriber count, hitting over 250+ in one day, now over 350 at the time of this writing and still climbing.
So that was very cool and I’ll give a link to both his videos (two different languages) below.

That all said, I’m sure I’ll be making another post after my return and I plan on making a video of the presentation, so wish me luck there!

English Version
Tamil Version

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