Geneboy 3 - Full Body Assembly

Yeah, that didn’t take very long on the heels of my last project, but for the past month or so now I’ve been working on the design of the third version of the Geneboy Sega Genesis Portable. This originally started out as a commission but unfortunately the buyer had to back out. But, since I’m already this far into it, I decided to keep going and will put this on ebay when it’s complete.

I’m also doing a build log on this one over on ModRetro which clicking the pic will take you too. The project is just about ready to start the finish case work and then assembly to follow. This one is going pretty quickly and I’m very happy with how well the 3D printed case halves came out and fit together. It’s going to be a pretty sweet looking unit once it get’s painted up.

So expect a few more updates on this guy as I hope to have it complete over the next couple of weeks as time allows.

Alright, so I’m pleased to annoucne the SG-N64 is now For Sale on Ebay. This went live at 3AM this morning and already has a bid which is a very encouraging sign!

I also made my 3D Printed files for the system available online at My Mini Factory. So if anyone is interested in downloading and giving this system a rip, feel free to give it a shot!

But with the coming sale of the SG-N64, I was able to finally order my new CNC driver which is what I’ve needed to get my big machine working again. Rather than pretend I know what I’m doing in the future, I’ve opted for the tried and tested, all-in-one package that even though is more money, will actually work the way the machine was intended.

The GeckoDrive G540 shown below is an example of what I’ve ordered. This takes the guess work out of single drivers and three step USB conversions to just a single interface for all 3 and run by the parallel port like my old system. I can’t wait for this to come in so I can finally….finally get my shop back up and running again! I do have a couple projects I’m still working on and requests have started to come over on the new RFQ page, so things are moving forward!



Recently there has been a great increase in requests for full blown console commissions. I mean, I’ve actually got waiting list is you’d believe that and with recent press on my latest finished portable, the requests have already increased more. Admittedly it’s been tough to have to say I’m booked out into summer time now, and progress is still slow and will be until my equipment is back in full working order.

But still, that’s not deterred people from asking and it’s gotten to the point that I have to organize things a bit better for the future. That being said, custom projects like this though have a lot of fine print that needs to be understood before the project begins to take place. It was the same way with case commissions before this so in the interests of not repeating the same thing over and over, I’ve set up a Commissions Policy page and a basic RFQ (Request for Quote) form that will help to keep consistency among buyers and keep the requests inline as they come in.

The hopes that this will save a bit of time having both buyer and seller being on the same page before the quoting process even begins. So if you’ve already contacted me about a project, I’ll steer you to the page to be my Beta testers and if you do have interest in getting a portable console or case mod done up, give the policy a read and fill out the RFQ. I’m sure things will be adjusted in the future, but this seems like a good place to start!

Let me know if you have any additional questions you’d like addressed and I’d be glad to answer.

The SG-N64 Is Here!

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So what seems like after months of down time and waiting, the first version of the new SG-N64 is complete! What is a SG-N64 you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The SG-N64 is a Single Game Nintendo 64 Portable Console. Created by the desire to “Immortalize” some of the greatest games of all time, the SG-N64 takes the greatness of a timeless classic and preserves it in a body designed solely for the purpose of playing it.

Alright, that was the dramatic version, but basically, I love Legend of Zelda as a series but Ocarina of Time has always held a certain claim to my devotion to Nintendo and now retro gaming. I dare say that this game may even compete with my all time favorite game “Final Fantasy VII” but in the interest of comparing apples to apples, for Nintendo, this game is it.

So I decided I wanted to try something that could preserve the legacy in a way that I haven’t seen before. Yes, there have been single game N64’s made in the past for TV, but to my knowledge, this may be the first fully portable system dedicated to a single game, but it won’t be the last. I’ve got plans for two more that will take my top 3 favorite N64 games and turn them into their own portable shrines!

That being said, though I  love this system, I built it so I could…well…sell it. My CNC machines are still down and to make sure my now $2k investments don’t turn into a massive paperweight, I need to get them running again an this is the best way to do it! Check out the video below for more info!







System Specs:

1 – Original N64 Motherboard, Trimmed with trimmed jumper pak.
1 – Original copy of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Hardwired
2 – 3.7v Lithium/Polymer batteries w/protection circuit and 8.4V Smart Charger
1 – PTH08080WAZ 3.3v Step Down Regulator
1 – Custom Audio Amp by RDC
1 – Custom N64 Controller by RDC
1 – 5″ 16:9 or 3:4 Ratio Display
2 – 40mm Mylar Speakers
Custom Printed Casing, Buttons (exception C, B&A from a Super Pad)
1 – PS3 Joystick on Custom Breakout Board
1 – Charging Jack
1 – Head Phone Jack w/on-off kill switch
1 – Video output jack & Cable to TV.
Back-lit Tri Force Logo

Gear VR

So with the holidays coming to close and the new year in full action, I realized its been yet again a couple months in the way of a meaningful post. Truth be told, the time just hasn’t been there to make progress on my shop, therefore no new projects have been completed either. So in the interest of keeping the blog from stalling, I figured I’d post my first thoughts about a new Christmas present I gave to myself and received yesterday.

As some of you may know, VR is about to take the main stream by storm, with the heavy hitter Oculus and their flagship product, “The Rift” leading the way with its upcoming commercial release. But another product they had been working on with Samsung is the Gear VR headset, which essentially takes the power of the new Samsung Galaxy series of phones and turns it into the main display and processing center for a completely mobile VR experience. This had been released in beta forms for the Galaxy Note 4, but has been re-released for the more updated 6 phone series and I recently just picked up the Galaxy 6 Edge, pretty much for the sole reason of using it with this headset.


The initial boot up was quite simple. As soon an you plugged your phone into the unit, it told you to take it out and install the required software. This happened automatically after that and took about 20 minutes because my Internet connection sucks. But once all the software was installed, and the tutorial was complete, the menu showed itself in the middle of a huge room and the sense of presence this gave me was much more than expected from a headset for $99. It was almost immediate as to how quickly the interface was learned and ease of use the touch pad and back button were to give you a basic input function.

Though this unit can’t give the full VR experience that the Rift will do when it comes out, for 360 Degree photos and videos, this has been a remarkable experience. Just in a day I’ve been too Rome, Paris and Florance. I’ve flown with the Blue Angles and surfed through a blue tunnel wave in the Pacific, road on a speeder on Tatoonie and I’m just scratching the surface. Once my Internet connection is improved (installing Fiber tomorrow), I’ll give the Oculus video a try and see how it feels to have a whole movie theater to myself.

All in all I’ve been very impressed with this headset and it’s getting me even more excited for what the big boys are going to bring to the table when they start shipping. One thing is for sure, though we will still never be able to be in two places at once, these headsets and VR are going to make getting somewhere else a great deal faster.

To my friends, Beta, Aux and Tchay, you guys have done a remarkable job with this in the past few years and I though the original basement is gone, that meet-up allowed me to meet some great people who in turn have put out some amazing products. I look forward to the time I can get out to the west coast again and see what else you guys have brewing!


Well on the heels of the worst month ever as far as progress goes, I started on the rebuild of my CNC’s control box. This involves putting all the components of the CNC control box and the PC itself in to a single enclosure which will become the main HUB for the machine. I did this last time with my other machine only it was a table top controller and was made out of wood and sheet plastic. This version is a bit simpler as it’s just using a standard electrical pull box as its housing.

What’s nice about this is as well as consolidating all the components into a single enclosure, I’ll be wiring everything to a single AC input and breaking it out internally to the 3 power supplies that are needed to make it work. The above pic shows the front face plate that I 3D printed for the main power, the pump and the computer.  The pics below shows the full assembly and that will be mounted to the pull box.




Have to admit I’m happy with how it turned out an hopefully over the next week or so I ‘ll be able to get this machine up and running again so I can finally stop moving backwards.

The Chaos That Has Been My Modding Life

The Chaos That Has Been My Modding Life