IMAG1557For the past 3 or 4 years now, the Raspberry Pi has been a huge asset to the maker communities across the world. Within the past couple of months, a new, more powerful version of the Pi has come to market and I felt it was time to get my hands one.

For those who don’t know, the Raspberry Pi is basically a mini Lynx based computer system that is about the size of a credit card with a decent amount of power to run basic programs for a variety of different applications. One of those applications that holds great interest to me since it first came out though was its ability to run retro gaming emulators, which of course then transitioned into a portable gaming system.

The only downside was that the emulation was limited to about the Super Nintendo and prior consoles due to it’s hardware limits. But now, the Pi 2 is on the market with 6X the speed of the original and 2X the RAM. This has made it capable of running PS1 and N64 games at full speed which has now peaked my interest. And the best part, the system itself is only $35.

But, this of course is going to have its learning curves. I’ve never even used Lynx and there is a fair amount of coding that has to go into place to make this work as a portable system, but tutorials are vast on You Tube and the only issue I see is going to have the time to do it. I’ve just about completed the N64 portable commission (hopefully closing it up this weekend) and after that is complete, I have to finish off my OUYA project. So it’s most likely going to take some time before I get to this, but I really do want to see how something like this would come out and the designs are already being made for it.

So maybe by the end of the year I can start to play around with this, but at this pace I don’t really know how long it’s going to take to get to it. But at least I’ve got the idea in place and we’ll see how she turns out when it happens.

Earlier today I posted an article from DesperateNerdLife’s blog about the closure of the Modding forum Bacman Forums, which I had been a Moderator on almost since the beginning and then left about a year ago.

I, like many others, was shocked to see the 404 Can’t Be Found page when I went to check in and then later realized that he had pulled the plug for good. And to be all honest, I had mixed feelings about this because though it wasn’t a surprise that it had happened, it was the closure of a chapter in my life that I had helped write and now no one could read it.

I mean, I agree with him to some extent that the scene just isn’t there anymore on a large scale and to pay for something no one uses is a bit of an unnecessary expense, but the way he up and pulled the plug and the amount of work people had put into their build logs for future reference I think was a personal statement and a spiteful “F-You” to those who had issues with him.

And that’s just the thing, in my opinion, this wasn’t a closure because the scene was dying as he led others to believe, but because the amount of push back he was getting both internally from his Mods and the community as a whole. He mentions the degradation of the community and if it’s not there, there’s no reason for the site, but it’s hard to keep a community when you alienate even the longest term members because they have a disagreement with you. You can’t be expected to keep a loyal following that way and it became apparent to me a year ago (or sometime well before that really) that unless the he came up with the idea or didn’t do something the way he would do it, it was just wrong.

So this is the reason that I surrendered my Mod title of a forum I had been loyal to a fault and had spend a lot of time to make one of the best console modding sites on the net. It was unfortunate and sad but I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere by staying and it was time for someone else to take the reigns. And in less than a year, it’s gone.

Though, in my previous post, there is a link to a full cached version of the site which he was kind enough to share. It’s 3 Gigs of a zip file but it may be worth it if you put the time into a build log and you’d like to get it back.

So what do you think about it? I can’t have any loyalty to a site that doesn’t exist so the cards are on the table now. He was a good man to me for a majority of the time I worked with him, but his faults began to show and grow and that eventually crept it’s way into the site and it’s content…which then has lead to it’s demise.

RIP Bacman forum

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For those who were looking for an answer as to why the Bacman Forums closed up, found this today that shows his last post. Make your own conclusions.

Originally posted on DesperateNerdLife:

Sad news for the modders: probably the best forum has been shut down for good recently.

This was Bacteria’s last message to the forum

I have decided to close the forum today.

The main site has already been updated to remove links to all but a couple of sections, and later today I will shut the forum permanently and remove its links. I will keep the reference site going for a while however.

Why you ask? Well there are three main reasons:

1) The modding scene is all but gone now, almost all modders I used to “know” on the sites have long since gone and the activity on the forum has been very low for some weeks, often I log on and i’m the only member on it now. One of the reasons for the forum was for the community, however the community have all but now gone…

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Reorganizing and Sharing

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Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be making some changes to this site in both content and layout. Basically what I’d like to start doing is sharing some of my designs that I’ve worked on in the form of CAD and 3D printed design files. So, for example, when this N64 portable is completed, I’ll be adding the STL files and the CAD files to a zipped folder that can be downloaded if one wishes as well as maybe small guides of how to implement them into a project.

Eventually, as time allows, I’d like to start building a reference area as my projects progress so those who want to try their hand at a similar project will have a place to get the direction they need to get moving. Having a project showcase site is cool, but I feel it’s time that this place become a bit more useful and informative.

Again, this will be a long work in progress as I can get to it, but hopefully I’ll be able to make this site a bit more useful to those who give the time to visit.

But I’d like to thank you all who do make it a habit to visit on a regular basis and sorry I’m so far and few between posts, but real life is very taxing at the moment, limiting most of my free time to my hour lunch break at work and a few hours on the weekends.

Seems these days that the time I once had plenty of for my projects have long since become a memory. With life pushing it’s way in between me and projects, I’ve been forced to scale back and make due just a few hours a weekend.

So that being said, my main priority has been the N64 commission I’ve been working on. A great deal of progress has been made and hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can have this one buttoned up. There are a few pics below that are actually about a month outdated, but they are all I have at the moment so they’ll have to do.

The testing phase for the motherboard as far as its functionality after being trimmed, the expansion pack, power, the cart slot and the A/V have been successfully completed. Now I just need to do some tidying up and securing the system in place for the next phase, the controller.

So far I’m very happy with how this is coming out and the new 3D printing techniques and part finishing is proving to work out nicely. I’m really wishing I had a resin printer for these smaller parts but one step at a time.

So my next post probably won’t be until this is complete, but if all goes well, it should be done in a couple weeks!

The problem with the pursuit of perfection is that it over looks the steps it took to get there when based on a cumulative scale. By that I mean that a project that brings you back to your origins while showcasing the skills that have been put to use since then has a whole different sense of gratification. N64p’s are losing to both practicality and cost reasons on any selling level, but the sheer fact that they can be built just for the sake of it and still get better as time goes on is a very meaningful continuation of an old idea that was so popular just a few years ago.

Anyway, now that the philosophic portion is out of the way, I made a great deal of progress on a N64p Commission I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. With the design process complete, the time came to finally start with the assembly portion of the project. This is an old school mod all they way, but does have a few of the benefits like 3D printing and CNC machining in it’s corner to make this one of the finer designed N64 portables I’ve made.

In any case, just wanted to share a project update aside from the OUYAp V2. These simpler projects are much needed from time to time to remind me that the “hobby” aspect is what I fell in love with long ago and what keeps me going with it, even if it seems a bit obsessive sometimes.