Headed to MGC 2023!

Posted: 02/12/2023 in Uncategorized

It’s coming up on that time of year again and for the first time ever, I’m making it out to two consecutive Midwest Gaming Classics in a row! I had such a blast last year and it would be so cool if I could do this annually but it is quite a haul and quite expensive for just the weekend. But getting to hang with my modding buddies like this really is worth it and gives me the chance to meet even more amazingly talented people.

That said, I’ll also be presenting again on the Bonus Stage, which last year was hosted by the awesome guys at “Hair of the Dogcast”. I learned a lot about what to expect for crowd and environment and this year will be tailoring the presentation to that. The main difference though is that I will not be solo presenting and talking to a room of roaming people who really were not paying attention. I will be joined on the stage by this year’s Bonus Stage host, Seth, from the TigerChainsaw You Tube channel.

Seth will be taking over for the Hair of the Dogcast crew this year as they could not make the show because they had to be good friends or something… But that’s ok, because they have been working with Seth to make sure the stage is run as smoothly as possible and from checking out Seth’s You Tube, I look forward to working with him!

So as I mentioned, unlike last year where I just monologued a story to a very passive crowd, this year I’ll be actually engaging with Seth about the early history of console modding. So I’m looking forward to this a great deal in many ways! And the stage is actually going to be located in a higher traffic area right next to the food court.

I’ll of course have a report on how this whole experience plays out but its already shaping up to be an amazing time! More to come soon!

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