AV Test Box V2 and Commission Progress

Posted: 06/13/2016 in Uncategorized

So it really didn’t take too long to find the short comings of my first A/V test box that I did a couple weeks ago. Though it worked well and had a lot of good features for using a variety of different input methods, what it didn’t do was what I needed it for with the project at hand. The system I’m currently working on is a PAL Nintendo 64, which means the system was made for a region that has a 50 hertz cycle. Well, we in the US use 60 hertz and if the screen that you are using is looking for 60, it’s not gonna work out too well. Basically, the screen didn’t have an auto switch from PAL to NTSC.

On top of this, the only input the first tester had for composite required an RCA jack, which meant you had to terminate the test leads to even use it. Again, another pain. So it seemed a new solution was needed, and this one is a great deal simpler than the original and is much more conducive to my work space and projects.

Utilizing a 3.5″ TFT display, this screen has an auto PAL/NTSC switch which recognizes what region mode it’s in and makes the change accordingly. This still uses RCA inputs for those situations that would benefit from having them, but the primary Input method is now a 4-pin screw terminal. This makes testing much easier and faster as there is no longer a need to terminate the leads. So less is a great deal more in this case and I’m happy with the second version as well!

As for my commission, this weekend was very productive, getting the back half of the cases painted and sealed and almost getting the breakout box’s design complete. As stated before, this is going to be the most complete N64 project I’ve ever done and most likely the most beautiful. The case work including the 3D print time is probably pushing 30 hours, but it looks sharp! Very happy with it so far and I’ll post some more pics as I get them. But for now, here’s a couple 3D renders of the BOB. More updates soon!

Hesline BOB Render 1

Hesline BOB Render 2

  1. Element18592 says:

    Nice! I made something similar about 2 months back which just used composite. I like the idea of adding terminal blocks. Makes testing and troubleshooting so much easier.

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