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Wow, almost 3 months without a post! Sorry guys! On top of the usual “Life” excuse, I’ve been extremely busy at work in the basement on several projects and being slightly overwhelmed in the process if I must say so myself. But things are good. Last month I finished off the N64 Kit I’d been working on and sent it on its merry way to Dubai. This had been the project the furthest away I’d ever shipped, until last week when I took on a full N64p commission to a buyer in the Land Down Under. So yes, I’m now in the works of a portable commission that will be headed for Australia once completed. I know I’ve said it before, but the Internet is an amazing thing that allows people from all corners of the planet to see and even better, commission, my work and there’s a fair bit of pride a feel for these requests.

On the subject of pride, the very first STL (3D Model) that I made available for download a few months ago has turned itself into a finished project and I gotta say that I’m very impressed and excited by the outcome! A fellow modder under the cap of [The Mod Shop] asked me several months ago if I had shared the STL files for my latest N64p at the time. I’d never really shared any files before, not necessarily because I was worried about being ripped off, but mostly because every case I’ve ever done was designed specifically for certain components. Sharing a file meant that whoever downloaded it would have to find pretty much exactly what I used to make it work and to me that seemed like a headache of constant email inquires on how I did this, or what did I use for that. But with this one, I figured what the hell. Let’s see if it survives when thrown into the wolf pit.

Well, not only did it survive, but [Mod Shop] took it a step further, utilizing some of the same parts that I used [thanks to RDC] as well as adding some aesthetic qualities that I have yet to try, like vinyl decals. The results are impressive and I would recommend taking a look into his craftsmanship!

Anyway, check out the video below and in the near future, I’ll be making some pretty big updates and announcements, should I find the time to actually devote to completing them!

Recently there has been a great increase in requests for full blown console commissions. I mean, I’ve actually got waiting list is you’d believe that and with recent press on my latest finished portable, the requests have already increased more. Admittedly it’s been tough to have to say I’m booked out into summer time now, and progress is still slow and will be until my equipment is back in full working order.

But still, that’s not deterred people from asking and it’s gotten to the point that I have to organize things a bit better for the future. That being said, custom projects like this though have a lot of fine print that needs to be understood before the project begins to take place. It was the same way with case commissions before this so in the interests of not repeating the same thing over and over, I’ve set up a Commissions Policy page and a basic RFQ (Request for Quote) form that will help to keep consistency among buyers and keep the requests inline as they come in.

The hopes that this will save a bit of time having both buyer and seller being on the same page before the quoting process even begins. So if you’ve already contacted me about a project, I’ll steer you to the page to be my Beta testers and if you do have interest in getting a portable console or case mod done up, give the policy a read and fill out the RFQ. I’m sure things will be adjusted in the future, but this seems like a good place to start!

Let me know if you have any additional questions you’d like addressed and I’d be glad to answer.

The SG-N64 Is Here!

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So what seems like after months of down time and waiting, the first version of the new SG-N64 is complete! What is a SG-N64 you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The SG-N64 is a Single Game Nintendo 64 Portable Console. Created by the desire to “Immortalize” some of the greatest games of all time, the SG-N64 takes the greatness of a timeless classic and preserves it in a body designed solely for the purpose of playing it.

Alright, that was the dramatic version, but basically, I love Legend of Zelda as a series but Ocarina of Time has always held a certain claim to my devotion to Nintendo and now retro gaming. I dare say that this game may even compete with my all time favorite game “Final Fantasy VII” but in the interest of comparing apples to apples, for Nintendo, this game is it.

So I decided I wanted to try something that could preserve the legacy in a way that I haven’t seen before. Yes, there have been single game N64’s made in the past for TV, but to my knowledge, this may be the first fully portable system dedicated to a single game, but it won’t be the last. I’ve got plans for two more that will take my top 3 favorite N64 games and turn them into their own portable shrines!

That being said, though I  love this system, I built it so I could…well…sell it. My CNC machines are still down and to make sure my now $2k investments don’t turn into a massive paperweight, I need to get them running again an this is the best way to do it! Check out the video below for more info!







System Specs:

1 – Original N64 Motherboard, Trimmed with trimmed jumper pak.
1 – Original copy of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Hardwired
2 – 3.7v Lithium/Polymer batteries w/protection circuit and 8.4V Smart Charger
1 – PTH08080WAZ 3.3v Step Down Regulator
1 – Custom Audio Amp by RDC
1 – Custom N64 Controller by RDC
1 – 5″ 16:9 or 3:4 Ratio Display
2 – 40mm Mylar Speakers
Custom Printed Casing, Buttons (exception C, B&A from a Super Pad)
1 – PS3 Joystick on Custom Breakout Board
1 – Charging Jack
1 – Head Phone Jack w/on-off kill switch
1 – Video output jack & Cable to TV.
Back-lit Tri Force Logo

18 years…18 years since a life changing experience was first laid on me at my friends house. I was never much of a PlayStation fan, owing to my Nintendo roots that went deep, but once I got sucked into the story line and game play that was Final Fantasy VII, I like millions of others wanted a PlayStation just for this one title.

In case you didn’t guess, this game has had a profound effect on my life, raking up well over 500 hours of play over the years and becoming my internet persona. With that being said, for years now I’ve looked into ways to update and change the game play to a more modern experience. A few years ago I stumbled upon a community that did just that, taking the PC version of the game and replacing the graphics with high-def and modern characters and of course I had to make a post about it.

Well three years since then, all of the sudden, my site started getting tons of hits on a page that I didn’t have a link too. And that’s because at E3 a couple days ago, Square Enix announced that the dream that millions have been waiting for has finally come true! A Final Fantasy VII Remake is now in production for the PS4!!!

Lets just say…well no lets not, just let it soak in that this could either be the biggest win in two decades or the biggest disappointment since Episode 1-3. But if it’s the first, than I guess I’d better start saving up for a PS4, even though this has probably a good two or three years to go before it hits the market. Time will tell, but I will be watching this with great interest over the next few years.

RIP Bacman forum

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For those who were looking for an answer as to why the Bacman Forums closed up, found this today that shows his last post. Make your own conclusions.


Sad news for the modders: probably the best forum has been shut down for good recently.

This was Bacteria’s last message to the forum

I have decided to close the forum today.

The main site has already been updated to remove links to all but a couple of sections, and later today I will shut the forum permanently and remove its links. I will keep the reference site going for a while however.

Why you ask? Well there are three main reasons:

1) The modding scene is all but gone now, almost all modders I used to “know” on the sites have long since gone and the activity on the forum has been very low for some weeks, often I log on and i’m the only member on it now. One of the reasons for the forum was for the community, however the community have all but now gone…

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Reorganizing and Sharing

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Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be making some changes to this site in both content and layout. Basically what I’d like to start doing is sharing some of my designs that I’ve worked on in the form of CAD and 3D printed design files. So, for example, when this N64 portable is completed, I’ll be adding the STL files and the CAD files to a zipped folder that can be downloaded if one wishes as well as maybe small guides of how to implement them into a project.

Eventually, as time allows, I’d like to start building a reference area as my projects progress so those who want to try their hand at a similar project will have a place to get the direction they need to get moving. Having a project showcase site is cool, but I feel it’s time that this place become a bit more useful and informative.

Again, this will be a long work in progress as I can get to it, but hopefully I’ll be able to make this site a bit more useful to those who give the time to visit.

But I’d like to thank you all who do make it a habit to visit on a regular basis and sorry I’m so far and few between posts, but real life is very taxing at the moment, limiting most of my free time to my hour lunch break at work and a few hours on the weekends.