Progress is progress, no matter how slow it comes

Posted: 10/19/2012 in General News

As stated in the previous posts, this absence of updates and sporadic postings all have a reason behind them. Though I’m doing a few jobs for modders all over the country, I’m still concentrating on the development of a few products that I’m hoping to generate some form of interest in the commercial market. Though I know these idea’s that I’m working quite hard on will be no “Oculus Rift” (sp), it’s a step in the direction of self-sufficiency that I hope one day may lead to something just as great!

Though many in the modding world have their own opinions about both the previous stated product and it’s producer, there is no doubt that vision of it’s creator is being realized, much to the same form as any other entrepreneur and designer. To this I actually take a great deal of inspiration in, regardless of where it came from and hope that my endeavors will be marginally as successful.

Time alone will tell though if the drive to create is enough to make it, though I have a feeling that there are several more factors that come into play to make it a reality. Though drive is the key energy that pushes an idea along, there is a lot more that feeds drive to make it something that stands up to the trials of success. I’ve been given the opportunity to do so, now it’s time to make it work and capture it!

With that said, I’ve got a lot more that is in need of doing so if I’m a bit on the quite side you’ll know why. Trust me, updates will be coming. Maybe not soon, but they will get there.

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