The Unsung Hero: The N64p you’ve never heard of

Posted: 05/14/2012 in General News
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So while I was waiting for the paint to dry on the second controller of the SNES-001 Advance, I got to going through some of my You Tube videos and really had a hard look at one of those situations where one expects a particular outcome and is completely surprised by a 180 turn of events.

The video in question is the one of “The Nimbus II”, my third and last N64p I’ve made to date. All things considered, this was probably the most complex and best portable system I’d ever constructed. Sleek, comfortable and truly a blast to create, it is also the least noticed mod I’ve ever done. My first mod even kicked it’s tale by almost 2X (in relation to You Tube views)!

The reasons don’t escape me though as by the time this was released, anything news worthy related to an N64p had been burnt to a crisp, but I still really expected a little more due to the quality of the system itself. However, it never happened and I had to watch other portables, some finished with duct tape and super glue, rocket past me in a flame pirated glory.

But, then I remind myself that this hobby isn’t about how much your project get’s noticed,(though this is a much added bonus that bares motive) but the self pride in knowing you’ve completed something worth while and stuck with to the end.

So, as I crack a Budweiser and think up lyrics to another “Real Men of Genius” riff, I salute you Mr. basement dweller modder man, who fearlessly creates in the face of an absent interest and continues to hone his practical, yet useless use of skill!

With that said, here’s the video that I was whining about.

  1. Drakon says:

    If duct tape portables got more attention than this great looking portable that just means you were posting it in the wrong place. Really I’m surprised at how many youtube hits some of my projects got but I never have any form of expectation as to how much attention my project would get. Anyway I suggest you try posting it all over until it finds its audience.

  2. Downing says:

    Well, I tried posting in the same places that have worked in the past, but it was just the timing back then. The D64 came out about a week before mine did and he soaked up the very last bits of interest in a N64p. But it’s ok, I know how this works and you just have to keep moving, not getting discouraged by any means and that’s what I’ve done and will continue to do.

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