New Case Commission for Evil Nod

Posted: 10/30/2011 in General News

Had a quick weekend project that I completed yesterday. I made up a new case for Neil (Evil Nod) over on the MBB forums. This is for a commission he’s doing for someone over in England and I believe is for a portable Jaguar video game system. Never played one of those before but I hear they were fun back in the day.

Neil sent me over the wooden mold from the UK as he originally was going to try his hand a vacuum forming on his own, however ran into a slight problem that his oven he was using for a heat source was not big enough for the plastic sheet! But the mold he had made before was a bit rough and needed some work anyway. Because the back side of the case was so chewed up, I had to use the same face twice, but when you do that, you must have a 100% symmetrical design as you’re basically using a mirror image and if one side isn’t identical to the other, the case won’t line up correctly.

The pic below is for the unfinished halves. Neil wasn’t sure how thick he was going to need it so each half is about 1″ thick which is quite beefy. Once he figures out the width he can then cut and sand down the edges to make them level and clean.

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