Working In The Real World

Posted: 09/28/2011 in General News

Though I’m a big fan of working for a living and making your own way, I’m also exceptionally protective of my free time which I value somewhat more than the money I bring in with the job. Recently however, recent events at the real job have started to dangle the $$ promise a bit closer to reach, but it requires of course an extra step up on the work hours side which takes away from the free hours side. But this is a sacrifice that I need to make to feel like I’m pulling my weight around the house as the wife simply scoffs at the idea of a 50 hour work week and says “I Wish!”

Granted she is probably the hardest worker I know, the fruits of this labor are also starting to pay off with her being just one half-step away from have a PhD before she hits 30! It’s actually inspiring and I really do admire her ability to stay to her commitments! However, the free time she has is next to nil and it can sometimes ware on her patients, which is why mine needs to remain at a high level and be ready to increase at a moments notice. Not that I’m saying she’s a raging bitch every night or any night for that matter, no no no, but after a 16 hour day it’s quite difficult to not to be set off by the next thing that unexpectedly pops up.

This is why I think I have to be doing something creative and productive all the time, sometimes in the most challenging of ways. This teaches and consistently reinforces my need to practice patients because I know a reward worth waiting for is at the end if I just stick with it. So what worries me is if these times at work do start to prove very fruitful yet time consuming, my free time patients practices might suffer a bit. Of course though this could be just merely a paranoid prediction to an unrealized reality, but my modding time and personal unwind time is being shortened.

This is why I have not been posting recently because the portable has not been touched. I am working on a project though which is going to be equally as impressive, but it’s taking time, time that I don’t really have.

So with that said, I’ll try and make at least one post a week from now on and more if I can. We still have weekends free though which we spend with our dogs and try to take them up north to the parents place where they can run! I also get quite a bit of work done on the weekends as well, so I at least have those for a couple more weeks, till work takes those from us as well!

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