The G-Boy Wii Stoned: Portable Wii From A Kit!

Posted: 07/30/2021 in Uncategorized

For quite a while now, real life has been has been a crazy ride and it seems to be getting more and more so as time goes on. I recently vacated the longest running actual “Basement” that Downing’s Basement has ever used and am kind of in limbo as to where the next one is going to be set-up. (Basically we’re living in Downing Senior’s basement until the housing market cools down) As a result, most of my hobbies have had their time eaten up, much less giving me the time needed to try anything new.

But, several months ago (maybe even a year ago at this point) I was enticed to start down a path that had been laid out for me many years ago. And that was the path of finally getting into the Wii portable making scene.

Now a little bit of context I think is needed when it comes to what kind of undertaking this project really was. This was much more than the usual N64 portables that I’m usually producing. Because though the projects I’ve done in the past did make use of fairly modern techniques, these kits were very “Next Gen” when it came to what went under the hood.

And when I say that, I mean these were done from the ground up using custom “everything” from enclosure design to operating system and everything in between! So, needless to say, from a creation standpoint, this was well beyond my skillsets to achieve, but fortunately because this was a kit, all I had to do was put it together…Yeah….

So again, as I find myself pressed for time and sanity, I’ll let the video do the explaining, but a final thought is that if nothing else, learning a lesson in humility is still a good lesson learned. However, I am extremely proud of how well this video that explains the process came out.

Again, sorry it’s so long between posts but I do hope you enjoy!

Thanks guys!


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