Lots On The Way and A Cool N64p

Posted: 05/06/2016 in Uncategorized

Wow, almost 3 months without a post! Sorry guys! On top of the usual “Life” excuse, I’ve been extremely busy at work in the basement on several projects and being slightly overwhelmed in the process if I must say so myself. But things are good. Last month I finished off the N64 Kit I’d been working on and sent it on its merry way to Dubai. This had been the project the furthest away I’d ever shipped, until last week when I took on a full N64p commission to a buyer in the Land Down Under. So yes, I’m now in the works of a portable commission that will be headed for Australia once completed. I know I’ve said it before, but the Internet is an amazing thing that allows people from all corners of the planet to see and even better, commission, my work and there’s a fair bit of pride a feel for these requests.

On the subject of pride, the very first STL (3D Model) that I made available for download a few months ago has turned itself into a finished project and I gotta say that I’m very impressed and excited by the outcome! A fellow modder under the cap of [The Mod Shop] asked me several months ago if I had shared the STL files for my latest N64p at the time. I’d never really shared any files before, not necessarily because I was worried about being ripped off, but mostly because every case I’ve ever done was designed specifically for certain components. Sharing a file meant that whoever downloaded it would have to find pretty much exactly what I used to make it work and to me that seemed like a headache of constant email inquires on how I did this, or what did I use for that. But with this one, I figured what the hell. Let’s see if it survives when thrown into the wolf pit.

Well, not only did it survive, but [Mod Shop] took it a step further, utilizing some of the same parts that I used [thanks to RDC] as well as adding some aesthetic qualities that I have yet to try, like vinyl decals. The results are impressive and I would recommend taking a look into his craftsmanship!

Anyway, check out the video below and in the near future, I’ll be making some pretty big updates and announcements, should I find the time to actually devote to completing them!

  1. Element18592 says:

    Awesome write up man and thanks for the plug. Cant wait to see your finished Gene Boy project!

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