First N64 Portable Kit In Process

Posted: 02/13/2016 in Current Project


This is turning into a very busy start to 2016 and I’m loving every moment of it! On top of the Geneboy 3 that I’m currently working on, I took on a new project that I’ve technically not done before. As the title implies, I’m in the process of putting together an all inclusive kit for a portable N64 similar to my most resent N64 that was sent to the UK. However, this is an another amazing fact, that this will be shipping off to Dubai when it’s complete. A world wide reach is a pretty amazing thing to have access to these days and it’s opening up some pretty neat opportunities as far as a modding market is concerned.

Anyway, that being said, this kit is will have everything the buyer needs to build a fully functional N64p. It won’t be finished or polished like a full blown system would be, that will be up to the buyer to complete, but all the hardware will be included and for things like the audio amp that needs to be populated with components, they will be pre-done so all they have to do is wire it up.

However, this means that Guide for this particular system will need to be made and though most of the wiring and general N64 knowledge is out there, knowing how to apply it to this kit will be essential in the future if more kit orders come through. So that’s in the making as well. Very busy times it seems, but every little bit helps in building the shop up a bit more.

  1. marcobienert says:

    Hello Downing,
    I have to excuse that many comments, that was not my intention.
    The site did not display any comments so i thought it got lost, like it did on some other sites.

    • Downing says:

      Hi Marco. That’s fine, I have to approve all comments before they display, so that’s why you didn’t see anything, so no worries. Yeah the kits are kind of in a redesign phase right now and I’ve been working on a guide from top to bottom but I’ve been finding better ways of doing this as I go and have to pretty much redo 3/4s of the guide again. For the full kit though with 3D printed casing that’s not finished is around $500, but there are options I’m working on to make the price less with cheaper components or more expensive with higher quality components. So right now it’s in the middle. I could give you a quote though if you got me a list of what you would want.

      • marcobienert says:

        Hi Downing,
        Phew! 500$ is a heavy pricetag but i think its more than justified for this kind of work.
        I have a few questions though.
        1. Is there a possibility to reduce the price? For example if i already have a few parts like the console and an controller?
        2. Will this kit include the play and Charge Box you mentioned in your last post here?

        I can write a few components here, that i have already:
        -Expansion Pack
        -Super Mario 64 game
        -Controller (Original)
        -Power Supply (if that counts)

        If i made any spelling mistakes, please excuse that, im German 😀

        Im looking forward to your answer.

        Kindly regards,
        Marco Bienert

      • marcobienert says:

        Hi Downing,
        Sorry for kinda Spamming the comment Section.
        In the last comment i wrote about components and the Price of them and stuff.
        I was thinking a little bit about the whole N64 Portable Project and i came to the conclusion that it would be better (and more difficult) to make a Gamecube Portable, since i have a Zelda Collection for it with Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time on disk. (Yes i know this is a topic about N64 Portables)
        I know its way harder than a N64P but i like challenges.
        I have a fully functional Gamecube with Controller Memory Card around and am curious if it would fit in the case you used for your N64 Portable (with little modifications for Shoulder Buttons, the disk drive and maybe some cool features like an exchangable battery pack (just a thought)).
        I would really appreciate an answer regarding this topic and what you think about it.

        kindly regards,
        Marco Bienert

  2. marcobienert says:

    Hey Downing,
    I started with my GCP Project and got myself a cheap 3d printer and a screen and started printing. The results are nice, but there is a problem. I started to modify your stl to fit my needs (GC controller buttons, shoulder assembly and so on) and exported it correctly. If i take the printed front plate and the screen- you mentioned it as a “GD50MLXD”- it wont fit in the screen hole. Can you tell me the reason?
    Kind regards,

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