Big remodel of the acutal “Downing’s Basement” underway

Posted: 11/12/2012 in General News

So over the next couple of days, my actual basement will be going though some pretty hefty upgrades which will more than double the actual working square footage of my shop. I managed to come into a decent amount of building lumber that was mostly throw away quality from work and spent a couple hours making it all into usable 2 x 4’s via table saw and sweat. This has allowed me to make use of a whole third of my basement which I couldn’t do anything with because the floor was nothing more than dirt, gravel and clay as well as being very very damp and sometimes flooded.

I’m in the process of building a large platform that covers over half of the 12′ x 14′ area which I will then be able to store all my household junk that is taking up real estate in usable parts of the basement. Once complete and everything is moved over, I’ll then be able to build three new work benches which will all have different concentrated uses. I’ll be using one for packing and shipping orders, and the other two for assembly and component storage.

Not exactly an exciting post I know, but it’s about a very important update to help improve efficiency in the space I have to work with and will therefore also increase the quality of the work and service I can provide to my current and potential customers in the future.

I’ll get a few pics posted soon though it might not be for a couple days as I expect to be completely worn out over the next week as this progresses. It’s gonna be sweet though, I can tell you that!


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