Computer Desk Update 12/4

Posted: 12/04/2011 in Current Project, General News

I love weekends, they are so productive when it comes to projects like this and even more so when the wife is out of town for a couple days! But anyway, just  a brief update of where things are at.

First off, I replaced the fan that had the burnt out LED’s originally with the replacement the company sent me. This became necessary because I changed how my fans are controlled. Instead of having the fans controlled off of their own 12V power supply, tuned on/off with a power switch in the control box, I soldered two-pin Molex connectors back to them and now have a digital touchscreen fan controller built right into the control box. This now allows me to control the speeds of each fan individually which is key for sound control as the green fans are much much louder than the blue ones, but they move more air because of it. It’s just not necessary at all times. This controller also has 5 thermal sensors so when the heat gets up there, it automatically kicks the speeds up to push more air. The unit fit perfectly into my control box, now I just need to play around with the wires to keep them out of the way. It’s also powered directly from the computers power supply so when I shut the computer off the fans go off automatically as well. I’ll be wiring the LED’s to this power switch on the control box too so that the on/off works with them also. There are more pics on all the forums so you can check those out.

Next on the big to-do list is to finish wiring up the Nintendo systems and start testing them. I have to make a redesign on the layout because I couldn’t get the wires long enough to fit in the table, so they will be kept in their own box that can attach/detach from the control box. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, here’s a video and picture of the progress!

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