Computer Desk 11/28 Update

Posted: 11/28/2011 in Current Project, General News

Being sick sucks! Though I’m sure it’s just a common cold and the Dayquil is fighting it quite well, I’m still miserable and feel today is going to be mostly wasted to movies and video games.

But, over the past week or so I’ve made a great deal of progress on the desk. I’ve used pretty much every LED I have in the house now for this, placing them actually into my power supply and computer PCB so most of the areas are well lit. Looks pretty cool too. Still having a problem with the noise these fans are putting off, but I have found a solution I think with a digital touchscreen fan controller I found online for $22 bucks! Basically this has a 5 fan, fully programmable interface which allows me to control the speeds and temperatures in which they are supposed to turn on! I’ll be building this right into the face of my control box! I’ll put up pics when I get them! Here’s a view of the inside!

I also finished off the the front panel where the DVD, Media Reader and USB plugs are mounted. This isn’t trimmed out or screwed into place yet, but the fit was perfect and outcome looks good! I also mounted the PC on/off button with a snap bushing and the B button from some old controller that I had. It just took a basic momentary tact switch and this button works better than the first one did! I then mounted the original LED that used to illuminate the Dell Logo right above the button so it can be seen when you’re sitting at the desk but from afar you’ll know the PC is on.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more pics on the forms so be sure to go check those out too! Thanks!

  1. niles downing says:

    Looking good.

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