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So we keep rolling on and these past few days have seen us gaining a little bit of traction in the world of unforgiving media responders. The haters have seemed to have settled down a bit at they become more informed and I’m constantly in the process of keeping the KickStarter updated and questions answered as fast as I can get to them. I’ve had over 500 emails in 3 days…I kinda feel like Jim Carey in “Bruce Almighty” when he’s answering prayers via email.

Anyway, I spent a good part of the morning getting some more professional pictures in place, which required me to make a cheap light box so I could get the shots I needed. They came out pretty well and most will be on the KickStarter page shortly. The pic up top is an example of what I’ve been doing today.

So, we’re gonna keep hitting this hard and will be pushing every second of every day to get to our goal. It’s up there, but I know there are enough people out there that want this to succeed and I hope it’ll get there in time!

More updates as I have them, but stay tuned!