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I’ve been going back and forth about this for awhile now but I figure now it’s time to take on an additional hand with the blog. Now originally, this was just a place to showcase my work and keep everyone interested up to date within the walls of Downing’s Basement, but there really is only so much that the blog can grow being as self-centered as it is.

So, to keep an engaged and ever growing audience, I really want to get some outside influence into the posts on DB about the modding world in general.

What I’m looking for is a writer who is up-to-date and active in the console modding community and someone who has a fair grasp of the concepts they’d be writing about. A tech wizard isn’t necessary but someone with a general tech knowledge who can write about a story or project in a clever and interesting way is what will fit the bill.

Just to be clear, this isn’t something I plan to go up against Hack-A-Day or Engadget with (not that I’d ever expect to get that large). This is going to remain my personal blog site which main focus is to still showcase my works, but with ever growing time constraints, I sometimes find my blog time running low and no posts for weeks at a time.

The Main Job Responsibilities

This will not be a paid position as that’s not what this site is about. Just wanted to get that out there right now, but doing so may entitle you to some special “behind the scenes or first looks” at projects I’m doing or things along those lines. But mostly it’ll be done for the fun of it and being able to build up your blog/writing skills should you have any desire to practice. A minimum 2 articles per week is what I need to keep things fresh and hopefully begin to generate new subscribers. No more than 5 posts per week though as then the site begins to go off topic a bit.

All articles are to be video game/tech based, so personal reviews on upcoming games or system hardware, console hardware hacks or just cool tech news are all acceptable examples. I don’t really want to get to much into coding hacks, vehicle or non-electronics based projects unless it’s something really cool like CNC or 3D printers.

Also, proper grammar and punctuation are a must. I know that I sometimes miss a word, spell it wrong or mix up the order and that’s fine, I understand that. But, if you write in “text speak” that is not going to fly. The articles are to be well written, insightful and above all accurate to the best of your knowledge. Quality posts are what make people come back to read the next one so they must be interesting and clean.

So if you have any interest in joining DB as the first Staff Writer, please PM me and either have links or examples of some form of writing you’ve done in the past I can have a look at. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them as well. Hope to hear from you soon!