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I guess like any starting out entrepreneur, the time comes when one has to start making the face time with potential clients and really start to work on getting their name out there.  Though I’ve been quiet for awhile, believe me I’ve never been busier in my life. With several projects underway and the time for marketing said projects only mere months away, I decided to take Vista Print up on some of their very nice business card offers as well as a few other treats!

Now that I feel all cool and hip with my own business cards, magnets, pens, stamp and cool engraved card holder, I can get back to crunch time with these projects and hopefully be able to break my silence that I’ve been keeping for the past couple of months. (more like 6 months, but very quiet for the past two)

Thanks again to everyone who has stuck by me this far and the help they have all been willing to give! Big things will come because of it and for that I thank you again!

The business end of my hobby now has a face! Though this is just the first run and Beta test and is not 100% completed yet, the site is live. The plan is to have a much more interactive site with some pretty nifty features that will help less experienced modders with their projects and provide them with the assistance and products they need.

Right now the site is based around just a few of the services I offer which is heavy on vacuum-forming and CAD design/milling. In the future though I plan to add a store though which will not only allow me to sell the services but also be a parts and component supply house mainly geared at console modding.

So with that said, there is a great deal more to do, but for now you can have a look at the basic layout and get a feel for what is to come in the future. Just click on the pic above to have a look!