Downing’s Basement 2020

Posted: 04/11/2020 in Uncategorized

It certainly has been a year already and it looks like 2020 is gonna have a lot more to throw at us! It’s been a very very long time since my last blog post and there really is so much to tell that there is no way in hell I can sum it up in even 10 posts.

But that really doesn’t seem to matter anyway as pretty much life for the world has come to a standstill. A few months ago, we had no idea how much life was going to change for pretty much every single human being on this planet, regardless if it had any real affect on them. But life has forever changed and we can only make the best of it as these times keep kicking us in the teeth.

It’s going to be very interesting to see where things go in the next few weeks but it truly is a scary time all around.

That said however, with all this time in home confinement, I’ve been able to get quite a bit done including setting up a small 3D print farm and even getting my CNC Machine that I bought over 5 years ago up and running correctly! (See that fiasco here And The Hits Just Keep Hurting

This has helped in a lot of ways as I’ve been able to start producing face shields in small quantities for my friends and relatives on the front lines of of this health crisis we’re all experiencing. 

As far as modding goes, it’s been slow as I’m still trying to finish up a commission and my Bitbuilt Summer Building contest entry  from 2019. The commission I’m referring to is the complete redo of the GoldeN64 that failed in spectacular fashion. But it gave me the chance to give it some pretty big improvements as far as internal quality goes and some good aesthetic updates as well. 

Also, I parted ways with me beloved Form 2 3D printer, sending it to live with friend and fellow Modder Gman and bought the updated and very much loved Form 3! It’s been an amazing piece of tech and a big upgrade to the shop!

I’ve also been working with RDC a lot over the past couple months working on a new and updated N64 portable design that makes use of all the newer features that have come to light in the hobby. There will be more on this before too long hopefully! 

But below are a couple highlights of the Basement! 

Please all stay safe and healthy. This certainly sucks at the moment, but make the best of the home time as you can. 


An amazing piece of equipment, the Form 3 is!


One of the many new improvements to the N64 portable design, a single flex cable instead of 48 individual wires!


Again, be safe everyone and more to come soon! 

  1. Ryan Dumont says:

    Are these flex cables available to purchase?

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