The eNVeGA 64: My Entry To The BitBuilt Forums SBC

Posted: 06/19/2019 in Uncategorized

For a few years now, the guys over at the BitBuilt Forums have been running a summer time portable build-off which has been a lot of fun to watch and see the remarkable projects take form that are a direct result. This year I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring knowing full-well that I’ll be hung out to dry entering a project as antiqued as an N64 portable.

But really, it was more or less about inspiration to get another project rolling and though I’ve done several N64’s in the past, this one will be a first in that it will use an Ultra Everdrive Flashcart to load ROMS (i.e. no game carts needed) and will also use Marshall’s Ultra VGA video mod for the best possible picture using original hardware.

Progress has been steady, most of the parts are in and right now I’m in the process of finishing off the back half of the casing. The first round of filling is done, with lotsa sanding and re-filling in the near future, but hopefully things should start moving quickly once the finish work is out of the way.

It’s kinda funny though, as I entered the contest to get another project rolling, but within just few days of entering that, two N64p kit commissions got booked as well as another full N64p commission…

From dead to crazy just like that. But it’s a good thing all around. I’ll be posting more updates about the contest project over on BB over the next couple months, so feel free to follow along there!

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