Lotsa Cool Stuff Happening (every 3 months)

Posted: 07/30/2018 in Current Project

Where ya been Downing? That’s certainly something I hear more often than not, but with only a single post nearly every few months, it’s not hard to understand why. Granted I’m more active over on Twitter these days, if you don’t follow me there, then you’re right to think I fell into a black hole! Yet it’s not been all that dark and some very new projects have been in the works which have been leading me down a whole new rabbit hole which could hopefully lead to more exciting projects down the line.

The new (to me) “Tough Resin” curing under the UV lamps.

First off, I finally got a hold of some of Formlab’s “Tough Resin” for my Form 2 3D Printer. I’ve been eyeing this for quite a long time because the nature of most of the parts I print with it either will have to endure a lot of physical contact (buttons, dpads, etc…), or more importantly, have very thin-walled features which I found were very subject to warping using their standard resins. This is also a transparent material which has both cool advantages as far as aesthetics go, but can also present new challenges in the same respect.

I also sold off the N64p I brought with me to MGC. It had unfortunately taken a bit of a beating cosmetic wise from the many hands that played it there so it needed a bit of work. So though I attempted to re-finish the blemishes, the attempt didn’t work out too well. So I decided to make a bit of an edge guard with the N64 logo front and center. I think it came out decent and it did its job quite well. Though I will miss this portable for sure, it was time to send it on to someone who would get more enjoyment out of it in it’s finished state!

Lastly, for the past couple months I’ve been working on a new “ground up” project that I’ve not yet attempted. Though I don’t have much in the way of details to release, I can tell you it’s “not” a Nintendo 64! Until I get further than the case work I don’t have a lot of really want to share, other than from a design standpoint it’s been a lot fun to produce. And to add some perspective, the speaker covers on the pic below and above are the same size.

I’d like to say it won’t be another 3 months before the next post, but I can’t . These projects are being done as the time allows and posts being made with the time allowed after the projects so yeah… But for now, it’s past my bed time and work calls early tomorrow!

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