Another Commission Underway!

Posted: 04/28/2017 in Uncategorized

Yeah, so I thought with my insanely busy life it would be a good idea to not only have one portable project in the works, but add another into the mix! That said, I’m now currently working on two portable N64’s at the same time, which has it’s benefits in terms of set-up time and being able to work on things in batches but again is a whole new project. This one is being done for someone state side though and on the east coast, so it’s good to have a local project in the works again.

Essentially this is going to be identical to the one I’m working on now, very basic and single player only system but a nice metallic blue finish which is why I went with the white PLA this time for the main portion of the casing.

Not much new to report on this one though so really this is just and FYI but I’m looking forward to seeing how everything lays out! More to come shortly!

  1. Jarrod says:

    Hey downing. I’m new to modding and have currently got my n64 board completely stripped and ready to go. I just have a major issue… I learn best from visually seeing how somethings done. Reading how its done sometimes causes me to over analyse smaller issues and make simplistic mistakes which is part of learning…. when it comes down to wiring my n64 controller I have stripped my current controller ports from p1 – 4. Now having the positive, negative and ground holes free, I need to now figure how to split my controllers d pad and a,b and c buttons but have nothing to to by from where to trim the board, and where to wire the two. I would like to stick with the original n64 joystick as I know switching to analog can become problematic with the sensors being triggered differently. Also wondering how you wired up your screen. Not sure if a nintendo ds screen would work and thinking analog input would be much easier. Also best way to to about wiring up a screen?. Would love to own the first portable n64 in New Zealand, and possibly start a market or demand for them. Cheers man and all the best with your project!

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