Two New Projects and A Shop Upgrade Underway

Posted: 12/05/2016 in Current Project, General News

So what happens when your full time employment disappears and for a little over a month you are a stay-at-home Dad like I’ve been? You stay busier than ever and build really cool shit!


I gotta say that as far as my modding goes, this has been the most productive and fun month since the days of the Cross Plane and it feels good to have the time again to be doing this. That said though, my new full time job will be starting up Wednesday, but it’s much much closer to home than my last one and I’m finally out of Corporate America which had been digging at me for years. So now I won’t come home hating my life nor will I be spending two hours of my day in the car just to get there and back. Time to mod will be less than it has been, but there will be more of it than there was for certain!

Also, once this project pictured above is completed (look for a dedicated post about that in the coming week), I’ll be starting on a new N64p Commission for You Tube & Twitter personality, Mithzan. This will most likely be the highest profile system I’ve ever done and I’ve taken steps to insure it will be the best work of mine to date. What those steps are I cannot say just yet, but shortly you will see a big upgrade to the capabilities of DB. Some exciting stuff coming down the road here very soon!

  1. Mark Rizzo says:

    Hey I might be interested in one. How long do these usually take to make and whats the price?

    • Mark Rizzo says:

      Also can you include more pictures of the whole shell? I’d like to get a better look at it.

  2. fibbef says:

    Sorry/congrats about the job. Not sure exactly what to say since this post was a roller coaster ride. Excited to see what you’ve got in the follow-up post.

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